An Open Letter to the Ghanaian Youth!

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“Reasons Ghana Youth will go through hell before enjoying Economic Freedom”

Dear fellow,

Permit me to share some observations that bother on our involvement in the economic woes of this beautiful country our forefathers sacrificed their lives by fighting to gain us freedom from oppressive rule that did not serve the better interests of posterity.

In the pointers listed below, one would realize why we may never witness economic liberty from the present hardships that have persisted for years in this country.


It is the only thing that can help you criticize the people you love, praise your enemies for their brilliance and shame your family for their irresponsibility.

But some youth in Ghana vote based on very irrelevant philosophies and reasons with a majority lacking objectivity in deciding who to vote for.

However, constructive criticism has helped shaped the leadership and economies of many western countries we (Our Politicians) borrow from and still can’t mend the profusely leaking economy.


Constitutionally, the loudest voice of the citizen in every country is his ballot, which gives him/her the untamed power to choose the leader he or she presumes would be the best to control the affairs of the country he/she belongs to.

However, this power is seldom bought by some politicians and paid with chicken change, empty promises and the oratory skills and after they (Politicians) gain power, they shut the doors behind them in the face of the voter.

A huge fraction of the youth in Ghana vote based on tribal affiliation, religious inclination, personal relationships, cheap favours and empty promises from Politicians.

Due to this when the party they voted for comes to power and are under-performing, not fulfilling their promises and mismanaging the economy, they (voters) are unable to criticize or demand answers because they voted for them.


Things begin to favour few party footsoldiers and financiers whilst the majority suffer an ordeal with low standards of living throughout the tenure of the political party in power.

Interestingly, the citizens(youth) that appear to be in the worst column (standard of living) of economic freedom are the ones that come defending leaders of the Political Parties they voted for when they should be criticizing them.

They can’t be blamed because their motive and influence comes from those at the top of the food chain who command the stability of the economy.


This situation has become a vicious cycle that cannot be stopped by just a fraction of the youth (demands objective majority) because there’s always a divided opinion on every topic and issue that brings the leadership of any government in power into the courts of public opinion for answers.

We deny ourselves good healthcare, education, jobs, infrastructural development and financial liberty like our fellows in the western world after 3 decades of freedom from colonialism.

Today, there’s still an embargo on jobs in government, numerous companies are laying off workers, 1000s losing their jobs, every sector in government bleeding, companies folding up and till date we have no idea when the economic hardships will ever end.


We act as if our ballots chain us to governments we appoint to take care of the affairs that would improve our own lives.

We waste time feasting on every single social issue (corruption) ranting for the law to take its course to punish individuals that have little or no power that pertains to economic change.

Rather, when the issues of corruption about people we elected with our ballots to serve in public offices(who are paid with our taxes) to bring positive change to us come up, we become deaf and dumb, hide behind political colours, tribal lines and argue cluelessly and baselessly defending what we don’t understand or even know.

Unfortunately, when the arguments water down the very issues that needed vivid explanations from our leaders, we return back to square one – where life is unbearable, indecent and pathetic.

Don’t we all need a “class baptism” from this sinful social attitudinal menace eating our future away even before it draws nigh?

Let’s begin to demand responsibility from our leaders despite our political, religious, tribal and social affiliation in order for us to receive what we truly deserve as Youth of this rich country.

The time is now to name and shame our leaders who do not put patriotism before personal gains but try to jeopardize our future in the name of shameful politics that only favours the looters yet denying the majority of taxpayers.

By: Listowell Acquaye

(The writer of this article is a level 400 student of AUCC and a winner of the 2017 National Student’s Awards – Student Journalist Award)

#Objectivity #Patriotism #Accountability



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