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Open Letter to John Dumelo and his Team of Celebrities Supporting NDC

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Dear John,

I write to you and your team of celebrities who by way of support and commitment, have channeled their support for the NDC party and its flagbearer John Mahama. I want to, first of all, wish you and your colleagues better grace and luck 2020.

I am sure you have heard and at least read about what transpired in Koforidua with the meeting of party cadres and what your former Deputy General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho had said about the team of celebrities working from branch level with all the support. I don’t want to go much deeper into what he (koku Anyidoho)had said and the reply, the Aid to Former president John Mahama, Joyce Moctari had also said. Will deal with the duo issues later.

With this, it tells me that you and your entire team who declared support for the NDC or the flagbearer did absolutely nothing tangible to help the party. If you and your team do the same thing at the same time and expect different results .. you will lose credibility and won’t be seen as the next option for change. Though I fully followed the trend I was also not happy how you guys could not compete the CREATIVE ARTS FOR CHANGE group from the NPP.


Whiles Creative Arts For Change during the last elections were focused on issues and policies affecting the entire creative arts industry, you and your team were at large. Let alone match them boot for boot on issues of creative arts.

You and your entire team should learn from the Creative Arts For Change team led by Socrates Sarfo and be part and parcel of the journey that will make the entire creative arts solid and a force to reckoned with.

I also see the team NPP drink deep and deeper into what they do in terms of participation in the writing of the NPP manifesto creative arts portion. They knew what they wanted and therefore did not derail into talks like (GDP, Energy, Agricultural ) but rather left it for the party and experts who were mandated to do so.

As I write to you know, am pretty sure and l can bet my last coin that many of you who supported the NDC and flagbearer knows next to nothing about their own creative arts issues and how even NDC government performed and what is currently happening.

Very few gentlemen like my good brother OLA MICHAEL who has taken the trouble, shown massive support for NDC and tackling critical issues/problems of the industry. Bravo! to him and I pray all of you will emulate and be responsible to make sure your party wins.

Koku Anyidoho might have gone harsh on celebrities supporting the NDC but in reality, do an introspection of the team if truly koku Anyidoho point makes sense. Most of your colleagues were just galavanting across the length and breadth of the country with no agenda and lacked substance to talk about issues affecting the country.

You might not like the personalities like Socrates Sarfo, Mark Okraku Mantey, Fred Kyei Mensah, etc but their activities surrounding their agenda to push anything creative arts forward is gaining currency amongst the creative arts industry. They discuss policies, issues, and wanting to find solutions to their own like doctors, nurses, teachers, and other interest groups will do.

Let your team henceforth be part of the core team of your party and prepare to face the challenges confronting the creative arts industry.

Start having intellectual discourse with the Creative Arts For Change and let’s battle and settle the problems we have.

If energy, agriculture, education are big issues the technocrats and interest groups will discuss and get the ear of the government, please tell your team to be active in our industry and make it a national discourse.

*- Your party first ever added creative arts to the ministry of tourism and culture

*- Your party under Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare and Dzifa Gomashie started the creative arts council talk.

*- Your party on the 16th of December signed into law the ACT 935. Film Classification.

*- Your party gave some 1million GH cedis (stand to be corrected) to creative arts industry through Culture forum

John,l never heard any of you and your team talking /mentioning, not even on your own social media pages.

As I write to you there is a lot to deal with yet none of your team have ever touched on any of them. How do you help your party win and largely the industry?

Coming elections I can promise you it’s going to be tougher and issue-based campaigns. Press conferences here and there.

Let your friends and celebrities supporting your beloved party get on the grounds and match them boot for boot. The Creative Arts For Change am sure are poised to make history with how they managing the creative arts.

They are in managerial positions, and part of the main engine of the campaign.

Stay within your area of jurisdiction and let us feel you and your team participating in critical issues affecting the very industry you feed on. Let the political parties you follow understand and solve permanently the industry problems.

My little advice to you and your team.

Kojo Preko Dankwa.

Focap convener


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