Open Letter: “Madina-Adentan Saga is a baby of partisan politics nurturing a ferrocious beast.”

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Dear Pius Enam Hadzide,

I believe you took an oath to serve mother Ghana as a public servant in a high government office and not an appointee who would remain a loyalist to a political party.

Obviously, governance and politics are twins that lie in the same womb but what you forgot was that the womb (voters thump) that births both does not follow them into the world but remain in the bossom of the mother (which is the citizenry).

The same citizens you gave a thousand and one reasons to vote your political party into power to form a government that would serve all and turn our hot desert sands into fruitful plantations of green-like paradise are the same people you are asking to blame themselves for an existing problem under your watch. How did you become a servant of this land?

Truly, the reality of the number of poor citizens whose effort contributed to your political party to assume office to serve mother Ghana has not occurred to you neither the taxes they contribute for you to receive every pesewa of your monthly salary.

Luckily for you, none of the 195 persons lost on the Madina-Adentan stretch belongs to your able family. You may have not tasted the death of a promising child full of life who with anticipation to finish Free SHS was knocked down by a speeding car due to the unavailability of footbridges. Probably, the reason you politicize a situation that needed a depth of sensitivity and tact.

Let me help you recall that after elections your duty is to remain patriotic and nationalistic in making sure that mother Ghana and her citizens receives the heaven kind of change you promised them.

Some of the families of the 195 persons that lost their lives due to the absence of footbridges may have worn your political party’s t-shirt, went on processions, showed up at rally grounds and also made several sacrifices just to see your party come to power and others may have been part of the opposition but still contributed to the taxes that has paid you for the past 22 months.

As an ambassador of your political party and government, you failed in exercising patriotism and political maturity that ignores diversionary tactics and pressure from opposition. Your comments clearly proved you were swept by the wind of divisiveness.

I was very disappointed reading your comments as a young man with little or no experience in a high political office, but as stupid as I may sound, my wish was to be in your shoes at this very moment so I would render an apology and retract that comment which was smeared in partisan divisive politics. I would have walked away with a lesson never to indulge in the political blame-game.

Arguably, I am in no position to suggest any advise to you on this issue. However, it is public knowledge that even at places where footbridges exist, pedestrians are seen crossing the road at dangerous points. I wish you would think of a way to rather curb that anomaly.

You have disappointed the youth of this country with your comments asking us to blame the erstwhile Mahama government for an existing problem that has claimed the lives of 195 citizens whose taxes have brought you into one of the high ministerial office you sit in.

Any politician that takes a matter(Madina-Adentan) of this magnitude into the gutters of politicisation, would come across as a leader who doesn’t have the youth and future of this great country at heart.

If politicians of the two major political parties(NDC and NPP) of this country would continue to use the blame-game strategy to solve issues in this country, then be ready as leaders to accept the aggression it will fuel in the youth from time to time.

Blame no one for this beast was created by you.

An American Politician Gary Herbert once said;

“Making people’s lives better is not a partisan issue.”




Source: Listowell Acquaye

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