“Organized Hypocricy” bane of Our Democracy and National Cohesion

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Ghana is fast developing into a nation where some intellectuals, pastors, civil society organizations are always silent when a particular political organization insults our laws and integrity as a nation but are always fast to speak up when particular ideological organisations commit less of the mistakes their ally commit. One man, a founding member of the NPP, Mr Ayisi Boateng, who is also Ghana’s Ambassador (High Commissioner) to the Republic of South Africa, was busy radicalising the minds of our gullible youth with his hate and divisive speech and was even threatening the unitary existence of Ghana through his divisive speech but our some pastors, intellectuals, civil society organizations saw nothing wrong with that, but when discerning and patriotic Ghanaians boldly condemned the act, these once vociferous state gate keepers, these intellectuals and their agents in the so called Neutrals Empire started crying that the matter should be laid to rest to sustain national cohesion. President John Mahama never appointed any of his siblings into his administration but was attacked by one of those intellectuals of practicing nepotism all because. His assertion according to his own statement, was based on the fact that there were many northerners in the administration.

Research conducted by independent agencies including those who were known to be critics of the Mahama administration rubbished that assertion and came up with reports which contradicted what the Professor said. What was President Mahama and his NDC’s crime? His brother, a successful businessman moved his equipments to dredge the odour river for free using his equipment and workers. The Professor sees nothing wrong with the appointments of family members, daughter, in laws, former wives and close business associates into this administration by the President Nana Akufo-Addo. His nepotism crusade ended with the exit of President Mahama. We heard these intellectuals and their friends when the montie 3 issue came up and the kind of attack they mounted against the sitting President for granting them pardon after he had allowed the court to execute its duty without interruption and the young men had served part of their prison sentence

Hoodlums and miscreants insult our laws, attacked and chased out a judge from her court, assaulted regional security coordinator appointed by the President, openly assaulted on Inspector Bruce at the seat of government and terrorising innocent citizens, disrupt EC elections by snatching ballot boxes etc but these same people who vehemently attacked President Mahama and the NDC over the montie issue saw and see nothing wrong with the emerging danger. Gradually, we building two nations within a nation and soon, we shall all enjoy the by products of our hypocrisy. What is destroying our nation is not corruption, but intellectual ignorance and hypocrisy. Organised hypocrisy and biases on the part of our intellectuals, some pastors and CSOs are the fundamental causes of the widespread incompetence in public office and the connivance of crooks in the private sector to exploit the intellectual vulnerability and incompetence of our state officials who have manipulated the system, paid billions to appointing authorities, forged qualifications and scammed their way into the positions they occupy.

The irony is that, most of these so called intellectuals were appointed to serve in some public institutions by the various NDC administrations and many of their business associates, were treated as Ghanaian businessmen and women under the various NDC administrations and were offered all the opportunities the constitution and our laws guarantee them. You hear them preach against tribalism and nepotism but in practice, are the experts and covertly preach these dangerous phenomena with vigour. Some of them use religion and academic titles as their camouflage of conceit and deceit, but their hypocrisy is often exposed by their lack of spiritual and academic depth and shallow lifestyles of impressionism. Many of these intellectuals, pastors, heads of civil society organizations have lost their dignity, integrity and nobility and losing their humanity which is the pathetic state of their situation in their dog eat dog philosophy.

The President, on Al-Jazeera, made his position clear on the homosexuality issue. How many African leaders will boldly and openly endorse homosexual practice? Those who support the practice for political or monetary convenience, adopt same complex approach just as our President did. On the issue about homosexual, it is not a matter of flipping through pages of newspapers and magazines and skipping intellectual reports and features. One needs to understand the issues to know all the complex theories associated with the practice.

Thank God the masses are becoming more and more sophisticated after every election. Happenings in the country and bold expression of opinion by the masses including those who voted for change, attests to this emerging trend. The fake neutrals and their allies can continue with their “we’ve not seen” attitude, the masses will soon vent their frustrations and desperation loud and clear. Businesses are collapsing, traders have started agitating strongly against policies of the administration, workers demonstrate in turns everyday, headmasters and mistresses are being sacked and transfered for expressing their genuine position on the hastily implemented free SHS. If these developments happened under the last administration, these intellectuals ad their allies would have started impeachment process to remove the President or would have organised massive demonstrations across the country to incite the public against the administration.

Organised hypocrisy arises in many ways in institutionalized religion, business commerce etc. And we saw how they operated before the 2016 election. Deceitfully, they started out legitimately hewing to certain principles they claimed to stand for. The used the media and other organisations to convince the public to believe in their mask and wore it constantly, maintained and defended their mask vigorously through fake academic presentations and lectures and successfully convinced the Ghanaian public that the mask they were wearing was the true image and were acting in the interest of the Ghanaian. What are seeing, they have abandoned their anti corruption crusade. Some are now operating as legal advisors to the administration and are being paid millions of cedis for no work done. They saw nothing wrong with the $2.25 bond issued by the finance minister, his wife and business associates, saw nothing wrong with the famous BOST scandal, the corruption allegations levelled against the two deputy chiefs of staff and saw nothing wrong with concealing of loans contracted from June from the 2018 budget.

The truth of the matter is, the President Nana Akufo-Addo has disappointed millions of his supporters and admirers including those so called intellectuals etc. They assessed him and predicted his performance based on his long political experience and his past activities. They were deceived by Bawumia’s fake academic presentations and mixed those misconceptions with their anti-NDC stance. Many of them with all their exposure and academic achievements, are still enslaved intellectually by that old, primitive and demonic ethnocentric phenomenon and Satan leads them to expose that inner conviction disgracefully.

Intellectuals are supposed to discuss politics on ideological lines to unearth all the hidden intrigues and dynamics in the political business. They are supposed to act as the force between the vulnerable masses and the rulers and must always act as the main gate keepers. The story is opposite in Ghana and it always takes its opposite dimension whenever the NDC comes to office. The good news is that, either by divine providence or the party’s own conscious indoctrination, the NDC is gradually establishing itself across these various social platforms and in the various professional enclaves.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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