Origin8 launches 20th anniversary

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Origin8, one of Ghana’s leading advertising, marketing, public relations and events management company has launched its 20th anniversary with a promise to enhance efficiency and serve clients better.

Speaking at the launch event, Chief Executive Officer of Origin8, William Ansah said management has taken steps to “ensure that our operations are more closely aligned to strategic priorities, enhanced efficiency and excellence to service our clients truthfully and honestly.”

Mr. Ansah added that “a great company nurtures future champions; a great company engages human resources that are fired up for success and do not look up to act; a great company is humble but professional in its approach to work; a great company makes other companies great; a great company brings value to individuals; a great company creates social value.

“These are the pillars we intend to build on in the next 20 years. Indeed, the number of marketing companies have grown and will keep growing, but we will always be mentioned among the best.”

According to him, the guidelines set out to transform the company will enable it continuously support the positive trend over the long term, and achieve the targets that they have set for themselves.

The CEO further acknowledged the efforts of Dr. Brigadier General Daniel Twum and his son Daniel Twum Junior, both of blessed memory, and Mr. Joel Nettey for their vision; he also appreciated all employees, both former and current, for their services.

The Minister for Business Development, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, who was the special guest of honour at the event, used the occasion announce a funding support between GHC 10,000 and GHC 100,000 for over 1,000 young entrepreneurs with viable business ideas in the country under the National Entrepreneurial Fund.

Dr. Awal reiterated government’s resolve to create the needed business environment and opportunities to ensure that businesses succeed, adding that the success of such businesses will reflect on the economy through job creation and sustainable development.

According to the Minister, “Most businesses fail in the first three years of operation, and this does not augur well for our economy.”

He further commended management and staff of Origin8 for their commitment to excellence in providing quality brand campaigns in the advertising space over the last 20 years and challenged them to be focused in order to survive and still be relevant in business for the next 20 years.

The Business Development Minister also advised businesses in the country to pay attention to staff training and retraining, stakeholder interests, CSR initiatives and honour their tax obligations.


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