Oti Region: Chiefs and People of Kete disappointed in Voltarians

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The people of Kete, a community in the Krachi West District of the Oti enclave have expressed disappointment in statements they described as reckless from some leaders of the Volta Region.

In a press conference at Accra to support the creation of the Oti Region, Major Rtd Abu Safiano Baba, Chief of Kete, said they were disappointed in some opinion leaders in the Volta Region for making unacceptable ethnic sentiments that have no bearing on the reason for the proposed Oti Region.

According to him, their proposition for the creation of Oti Region was solely for development of the Oti enclave to catch up with other areas/regions, and not for any other reasons clandestinely that might in a way affect their Brethren in the Southern Sector.

He alleged the Moderator of the E. P. Church, Volta Region, Rev. S. S. Agidi, was reported to have openly declared his opposition to the proposed Oti Region and described the move as a recipe for chaos and tribal conflict.

Chief Safiano Baba further alleged that a Goviafe Chief in the same Region also alleged that the Ashantis were behind the Oti agenda when he was addressing anti-Oti protesters in Ho. He opined that the Ashantis should rather go and split their home region and leave the Volta Region alone.

This, Chief Safiano Baba described the alleged statement by the Goviafe Chief as unfortunate and is tantamount to stocking ethnic sentiments.

The people of Kete got more worried when they alleged that the Anlo Traditional Council also posited that conflict would be imminent if government went ahead to create the Oti Region without giving any basis for the rather “ill-advised assertion”.

Major Rtd Abu Safiano Baba, said they would not be worried if some people within the Oti enclave voted to oppose the creation of the Oti Region, because they believe they would get 80% YES votes requirement for the Oti region to be created.

Kete People were impressed all the followers of the leading political parties in the country, especially the NDC are supporting the creation of the Oti Region.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh

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