Oti Region: Dusifiaga of Weta Traditional Area condemns attacks on Southern Volta Chiefs

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The ensuing debates on the proposal for the creation of Oti Region out of the Volta Region could be a recipe for jingoism and antagonism if care is not taken to address its emerging issues. This is according to Torgbui Ashiagbor IV, the Dusifiaga of the Weta Traditional Area in the Volta Region.

He expressed his displeasure about the way some individuals had earlier reacted to the petition by the chiefs from the Southern Volta.

According to him, his intention was not to condemn the creation of the proposed region but, to school Dr. Obed Asamoah and the Paramount chief of Kpasa Traditional Area, Ubor Konda Tassun, on the misconceptions they created about the chiefs from the Southern Volta.

Torgbui Ashiagbor, who was addressing some chiefs in his palace at Weta over the weekend, stated that in as much as he personally endorse the creation of the four new regions, he equally identify himself with the stance taken by the eminent chiefs of the Southern Volta and that, neither Togbe Afede XIV nor any Southern Volta chief is against the government’s decision to split the region. He said the position of the Southern Volta chiefs was clear and genuine, devoid of prejudice; that is, the government should seek the consent of all the people in the entire region through plebiscite.

He was of the view that the petition to the government to adopt a wider consultative approach involving all stakeholders in the region before embarking on the exercise is a step in the right direction. He is, however, surprised that the appeal which was later re-echoed by Togbe Afede has been taken out of context by Dr. Obed Asamoah and his cohorts. He, therefore, lambasted the criticism by Dr. Asamoah that Togbe Afede knew better so should have desociated himself from the Southern Volta chiefs whose actions emanated from “ignorance, pettiness, selfishness and vilification”.

Torgbui Ashiagbor said such statement was unwarranted which should not have come from an astute politician like Asamoah and, that if it had been the antique era in the history of Anlo State, he would have been taken to the 5th Landed Stage. Torgbui, therefore, urged Dr. Asamoah to withdraw such “uncultured” utterances and render an unqualified apology to all the chiefs in the region.

He also cautioned Chief Ubor Konda about his threat and advised him not to lose sight of the fact that Togbe Afede is not only the King of Asogli State, but also the King of the whole Volta Region as well as the entire country; thus, referring to him and other eminent chiefs as “detractors” is too provocative. He maintained that, as a traditional ruler, Ubor Konda’s words should not have been poorly selected since such words could incite the good people of the region against one another.

Torgbui further referred to Dr. Asamoah as a traitor for describing the petition of the chiefs as baseless and constitutionally unjustifiable. Torgbui Ashiagbor, therefore, appealed to the government to digest on Togbe Afede’s suggestions to exercise patience because, at the moment, agitations were so high and could threaten the peaceful co-existence we have been enjoying over the years in the region as a people.

Torgbui Ashiagbor, who is a Sociolinguist and an Educationist, believed that such xenophobic attacks on the Southern Volta chiefs should be abhorred by everyone because they may not do any good to us in this contemporary era; rather, it has the tendency of fueling antagonism. He, thus, entreated his colleague chiefs in the Northern Volta to condemn such utterances as they were likely to mar their united front.

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