OTIKO vrs BUGRI: Is this Serious National Issue going to be another passing Wind?

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The concept of absolute executive powers or privilege is not captured explicitly in our constitution,but practically the supremacy of the executive branch is real. I have heard people argue that the President should be be drawn into the ongoing banter between the Gender Minister Madam Otiko Djaba and the Mr Daniel Bugri Naabu and support their argument with solid reasons.But the truth is that the powers conferred on the President by the constitution makes him the main focus when such serious issues come up.

The other cogent point supporting those who hold the position that be must act decisively on the issue is that his appointee is involved in the matter and the allegation levelled against her is too serious to be treated outside his preview. The statement by the Gender Minister suggests that the President did not appoint his MMDCES based on competence and merit,instead, relied on recommendations by his party executives who approved applicants based on who paid “fat” bribes.When Mr Paul Afoko was interviewed after his suspension, he stated emphatically that his brother, Gregory Afoko,is innocent of the charge levelled against him.This was what he told Africa Watch magazine

“Gregory is innocent. I think that throwing my brother into it was part of the whole plot against me.My brother had nothing to do with it.When the incident happened, Gregory was at home sleeping, and the police came and woke him up and arrested him even though he was sleeping in the same room as my late dad”

Gregory himself and all mentioned have denied their involvement.The matter is still pending in court and the wife of the late Chairman is currently in the dock giving her evidence so will not venture the merits of the matter. Chairman Bugri who is not an ordinary supporter of the party or a mere political activist,has come out with new revelation concerning how the murder was planned, this is a serious development those handling the case must act on immediately. The first and perhaps, the most important rule of evidence is that nothing shall be said in evidence which is not relevant to the actual point which has to be decided in the case.

The little education I received from my lawyer friends is that the rule of relevance states that evidence may not be given, in general, as to transactions or matters which are not the actual subject of the enquiry which is being conducted at the time. Based on this little education and little education I received, I hold the view that in a criminal case, for instance, the fact that an accused person has committed some other crime,either before or after the occasion on which he is alleged to have committed the crime which he is being tried, is not, in general, regarded as relevant. The opportunity to unravel all the real facts about the late chairman’s death is now and I hope the usual partisan chess game would not bury this divine opportunity. The person who revealed that Otiko Djaba and the current northern regional minister masterminded the operation leading to the death of chairman Adam’s, is the current northern regional chairman and he did not make the statement ordinarily but mentioned names. Chairman Bugri did not end there but went on further to say that “many of the people who masterminded the murder of Chairman Adams have come to take positions in the government”, the other revealing point is his statement that ” Nana Addo will not listen to calls to sack Otiko so will proceed to court ” these are serious statements no serious investigator would ignore if he really want to unravel all the facts in a case like this

If Mr Bugri Naabu an influential person in the party who is also one of the confidants of the President tells us he knows those who masterminded the killing of Chairman Adams, and went on to mention names some of them, then the President may have some information about the matter. Solution to this matter is not the President summoning the two person to the flagstaff house to handle it as a party issue, what we heard from Chairman Bugri and Otiko should not be handled as an NPP issue. Nixon’s initial steps and actions when the Watergate issue came up should guide all of us, Archibald Cox’s demand for the audiotapes of conversations Nixon and his colleagues had in the Oval Office of the White House in connection with the criminal charges brought against members of Nixon administration and Nixon’s reaction vis-à-vis the result should guide all of us as we put out our arguments about the matter.

The other issue is Otiko’s allegation against Chairman Bugri. Nomination and appointment of MMDCES is different from electing party executives,the constitution of the Ghana gives the President the authority to appoint his representatives in the districts and municipalities and he does to in according to the guidelines stipulated in the constitution. For a minister of state to accuse a regional chairman of collecting bribes before recommending people to be appointed MMDCES is another serious issue. The authority of these appointees is going to be undermined by this revelation. The Gender Minister will help her government and the nation if she prove her allegation through lodging formal complaint with the institutions of state responsible for investigating these matters. This matter cannot and shouldn’t be treated as one of the party’s internal issues, it is a serious national issue which must be treated at outside the party’s jurisdiction.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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