Palmer-Buckle kicks against Abortion

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Most Reverend Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle, the brand new Archbishop of Cape Coast and Apostolic Administrator of the Accra Archdiocese, has given young girls the advice not to cause abortion if by mistake they found themselves pregnant. He gave the Christian and fatherly admonition at the St. Peter’s Catholic Church at Osu in Accra as he paid a pastoral visit and confirmed 114 candidates.

Archbishop Palmer- Buckle, said the day being the feast day of the birth of St. John the Baptist was truly the feast for children and he asked for Children’s Day to be celebrated as Mother’s and Father’s days were recently celebrated. He said the trauma of abortion would remain with the malefactors for life.

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle said every human being was unique and given a special name and called a to play a specific role. People should therefore not sadden God by terminating the lives of unborn innocent babies created in the image of God. He made a passionate appeal to parents to guide their children gently on their journey through life and not put pressure on them to go into professions that the children themselves did not want. He said children did not belong only to their parents but also their communities, country and, indeed, the Whole of humanity.

Parents should therefore empower their children with good formal and religious education so that they would be equipped to contribute the progress and the development of the whole of society. He passionately appealed to parents not to treat their children harshly or dampen their spirit by calling them good – for- nothing. He also asked Ghanaians to stop expensive funerals and pump the money into education endowment funds for their children and posterity.

Turning to the children, the new Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast said they should know that They were very precious  in the eyes of God as the First Reading of the day from the Prophet Isaiah and should pray often to the Holy Spirit direct them to the vocation that best suited them. To the confirmed, he said they should never forget this day or turn away to join other churches, declaring that they had now seen the light. They should therefore endeavor to be faithful Catholics to the end.

The Archbishop was welcomed by a seething congregation and led in procession by the Ewe society in kente and with agbadza drums to which the Archbishop heartily danced. He praised the St. Peter’s Basic School Choir for their excellent performance to enliven the liturgy. Prizes were awarded to some church members who were zealous in church activities. The Arch bishop was presented with a self-portrait produced by K. McDennis, a young talented artist, on behalf of the parish. The Archbishop was assisted by Rev. Frs. Philip Bempong, Parish Priest and Christopher Kwame Korang, a lecturer at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology in Accra. Those confirmed included also children from Bishop Bowers School, also in Accra.

The Archbishop’s Pastoral visit started on Friday with an evening Mass and one-and- half hours interaction with parishioners. Mr. Harry Anim, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council expressed appreciation for the Archbishop’s visit on his part the Metropolitan Prelate made a passionate appeal to all to help him complete the Holy Spirit Cathedral Restoration project by paying their levies.



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