Panic as ‘Sakawa scare’ hits Ghana National Fire Service

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…Crunch Prayer Sessions called to tackle Menace

In what many personnel at the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) see as mind-bugling, mind-twisting, unbelievable and contradictory, they wonder what might have gone amidst to bring about such mystery deaths in the Service since the beginning of the year.

About 46 souls are reported to have been lost in the Greater Accra Region alone since January. A situation they have attributed to occultism (Sakawa) at the place.

However, management has described their attribution as unscientific. Yet, management, in what the personnel see as a panicky situation, has yielded to calls by inhouse Pastor DO III Ezuah and other external ones (Pastors) for prayers and fasting at GNFS to ward off the evil spirit (occultism/Sakawa) that has befallen and bedeviled the place since January this year.

Subsequently, management has declared August 23–24 2018 as prayer and fasting period for the entire service – in all fire stations throughout the country, in response to Pastor Ezuah’s call. Pastor Ezuah, according to our information maintains that these deaths are not ordinary, but strange and devilish, hence his call for these prayer sessions.

It is against this background that most astonished personnel at the Service see the stance taken by management on the issue as double standard, i.e blowing hot and cold simultaneously!

“Why should you brash off our claim of occultism or Sakawa in one breadth describing it as unscientific, and, in another breadth, (yielding to Pastor’s call for prayer sessions to ward of this perceived demonic attack at the Service?” Is this not double standard? If this is not occultism or sakawa, what else could it be? they asked in wonderment.

According to a letter sighted by our roving scouts written on July 7, 2018 by Pastor Ezuah, he asked the Service to hold “a 2-day Wild Fasting and Prayers for the Service throughout the country from August 22-24 to ward off the evil that has bedeviled the place resulting in these mystery deaths”.

With the theme “Give Ear to Our Prayers Oh God (Ps. 55:1), the letter has the reference numbers NFS/ADM P: V10/68. Purported to have been written on behalf of the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Edward Ekow Blankson, it was copied all Five Station managers throughout the country, copied the C.E.O and welfare officer, Headquarters and also placed on the platform of the Service.

It would be recalled that in our we recently published that mystery deaths had hit the only fire quenching institution in the country, culminating in the Greater Accra Region alone witnessing about 36 deaths since the beginning of this year.

This, astonished personnel attributed this to occultism or Sakawa. However, when Ellis Okoh of the Public Relations Department of the Service was contacted, he described their claim as unscientific, since these deaths, though alarming did not stern from the save cause. Also population and age distribution, as well as failure on the part of personnel to seek occasional or regular medical check-ups could be contributing factors to these deaths.

Source: S.O. Ankamah

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