Pillars of Subin Youth Wing Celebrates Subin Polling Station Executives

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We write to celebrate our Polling Station executives for their hard work during 7 December, 2016.
Today 7, last year was a historic event that all polling Station executives must be proud of for voting out Mahama, who never respected us .
We saw how our polling Station executives went from house to house, market to market to campaign relentlessly for the Constituency and the party at large.
We can also recount how the Youth and our elderly men and women were posting posters on the floor and walls from afternoon till late night.
We can also recall how we were at the polling Stations working as a team, bringing old men and women to also vote. Indeed it was a collective experience that day.
Furthermore, our Electoral areas coordinators were also fantastic in managing the collation of results. The data management team also did a brilliant work.
Though we had little set backs we did not allow that to pull us down, each and everyone did a great job.
We should indeed be proud of the total votes we amassed.
We will seriously advocate for every Polling Station executive to be taken care of.
We will also at this point, say thank you to the sitting MP , former MP, the Constituency Executives, those who contested during the primaries and our Council of elders.
Congratulations to all the polling Station executives. God bless you.

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