A-Plus the “Blanket”, A-Plus the Cold and A-Plus the “Henchman of the President”

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Kwame A-Plus, one of Ghana’s finest musicians and a close friend of Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has launched a scathing attack on the Akufo-Addo government over massive corruption. The Ace musician has accused the two deputy “Chief of Staff” of taking bribes and kickbacks from people who apply for government contracts. His accusation followed similar allegations made by Mr Kennedy Agyepong who accused Mr Gabby Otchere-Darko and Duke of taking $30,000 from people before they are allowed to see the President. A-Plus’s allegations have generated heated debate on social media, and “strong” responses from the accused and their sympathizers. The musician who was until this incident, the darling boy of many Npp members and executive members, has suddenly become the “haunting cold” and being attacked with all kinds of insults. But who is A-Plus and why is his attacks causing tension in the party and the Presidency.


Scientist say, without its atmosphere to retain the Sun’s heat, earth would be cold and nearly lifeless. Few months ago, A-Plus was the Carbon dioxide, was the water vapour and was the methane the greenhouse gases who made Ghana habitable for Nana Addo and his Npp. He is not an ordinary member of the npp as we are being made to believe by some aggrieved npp supporters who react to his accusations.

He is a close confidant of the President and the President and A-Plus, have not hidden that fact. The President offered him special thanks for making his dream possible and this was what he said about A-Plus “In the heat of the moment yesterday, I forgot to acknowledge the immense support Kwame A-Plus gave my campaign. He’s been a brick. I thank him and I’m really grateful” . The President extended a special invitation to him to attend his inauguration.

This is how close he is, to the President and how serious the President takes their relationship. Kwame unleased serious cold on President Mahama with his scathing attacks and did that through his special campaign song he composed for the NPP and on his social media platforms. Kwame, started his attacks on the current administration with his accusation that, some functionaries of the NPP were scrambling for political appointments and described some of the persons he alleged were breathing on the President’s neck to be appointed into government as corrupt and unfit to come near the administration among names he mentioned was one Bryan Acheampong.

Through the various responses by those accused of taking bribes and kickbacks, we are made to know that Kwame A-Plus has been meeting the President and he has unlimited access to the President. Another close confidant of the President, one Abronye responding to A-Plus’s allegations, revealed that the musician has benefited more than any Npp party official since they won power. He also said, a contract at BOST offered A-Plus, fetches him Gh 3million a month. This tells how powerful the musician is when it comes to Npp matters

A-Plus acting as molecules, aerosols and particles in the npp, is absorbing radiation from the sun shinning on the party releasing heat all over and this time, his is what he told his party folks

“Unban yourself and like or comment on this post if your name is in the list. #Gbemi people. You can insult John Mahama but no one can talk about anybody in the NPP.”

He is not only exposing rot in his government, but telling Ghanaians how the party’s attacks on Mahama during the 2016 campaign, were cooked.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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