Poem: A letter to my people


I ask why

Why are  the rich  hungry again when the poor are still starving?


So much  for the greedy nothing for the needy.

There is enough to satisfy every man’s need.

Our problem is greed and waste

Haste to evil

I once told a friend -“if we could stop the greed, selfishness and wickedness  , there won’t be any need for my people to bind and loose the devil in prayers”

The devil is man

Flesh and blood


I ask why

Why are they that go to school not educated ?


They are  taught not the truth. Just grammar.

The theories are not told where to find their  sisters ,practicals

The  practicals see their brothers ,theories, as a whiff of smoke that have no permanency

They have become enemies

Whatever that means.

We are not told about our past, our present  ,our future and what defines us

The story

The history has not been told

The situation is that old  and cold


I ask why

Why are they that are the salt of the earth see themselves inferior?


They have been blinded with distractions and taught to hate themselves.

Self-hate grounded  in faith of becoming another.

They hate their food

They hate their gods and ancestors

They hate their skin

Even their kith and kin

Are we not supposed to be Queens and Kings?

Where we rule in royalty and love our roots?

Have we lost the plot?


I ask why

Why are they that have life not allowed to live in dignity and good health?


They have been allowed to die like flies helplessly  and comforted with the sermon of old- God gives  and God takes.


Don’t let them fool you

Why are the  GDPs, GNPs, GNIs, XYZs, and all the QQQs not making the lives of the masses any better?


We have gold but who owns it?

We have oil but who owns it?

We have diamond but who owns  it?

Who have timber but owns it?

We have copper but who owns it?

Until we truly own  and exploit these resources  to our advantage

By creating jobs for our teeming youth and creating opportunities for all

The TBDs

The GDPs

The BBBs

Did l say HIV?

The SDGs

The EEEs and their aunties and grandfathers   will make no sense in bettering the lot of the masses.

Wake up my people


I ask why

Why is there so much greed  on the streets of Banjul Gambia?

Why is there so much miseducation in the classrooms of Accra Ghana ?

Why is there so much  ignorance growing on the soils of Luanda Angola

Why are we allowing preventable and treatable diseases to kill our brothers and sisters in Bulawayo Zimbabwe?

Why can’t our people truly  own their  resources in land of their birth-Congo?


I ask why

Africa must  kill the greed

Africa must  liberate the minds of  her people through quality education

Africa must no more drink from the pot of ignorance

Africa must not allow her young and old to rush into their graves  because of diseases

Africa must learn to take control of its resources and its distribution before speaking the language of GDP.

It takes you

It takes me

It takes all of us as sons and daughters of the land to make Africa great

Most importantly, it takes you our political leaders to lead the way

You can’t afford to keep disappointing us

Africa must rise again

My people, this is my letter to you

By Romeo Adzah

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