Police says it is working on reopening the Delta Force case

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The Ghana Police Service has given an indication that it is working on reopening the case of the discharged eight members of the vigilante group, Delta Force who were accused of attacking a judge and freeing 13 members of the group from lawful custody.

According to the Ashanti Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ken Yeboah, the discharged men may be re-arrested.

The eight were set free after the prosecution submitted a noile prosequi on the advice of a state attorney. The presiding judge consequently discharged them for lack of evidence.

DCOP Yeboah, in an interview with Citi News, said the police will find the real offenders, and get the necessary evidence to back their prosecution.

“We are now going to re-investigate to find out whether we will be able to get the right people and the right information to be able to pin them to the case,” he said.

On allegations that the state is not interested in the case, the police boss it was not true.

“Motivation happens in every case, you have to get the right information and the right evidence to be able to prosecute somebody but if you don’t have it, you cannot prosecute because in a criminal case, prosecution would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt, and if you are unable to do it, the person will be acquitted and discharged.”

“We [Police] have to go back and do it again because they said we didn’t have enough evidence.

“If we didn’t have enough evidence we have to go back and re-investigate to establish who did what. We were not able to link the people to the evidence that we have, and so we have to go back and do it. If we are lucky, we will be able to get enough evidence to link them to the case,” he added.

Source: Daily Post

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