Pray for Wisdom and Knowledge – Pastor urges Christians

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The National Chairman of Builders of Salvation Church (BSC), Apostle John Smith Degenu, has urged Christians to pray for wisdom and knowledge, for, with these, will come true salvation.

He noted that, not too much prayers can enhance success for the Christian, but wisdom and knowledge traits which Christ was full of.

Subsequently, leaders all over, as well should pray for these traits as the Biblical admonishing maintains “For lack of knowledge, my people perish”.

Apostle Degenu made this known in a powerful sermon on Easter Sunday at the church’s premises at Kade, where the BSC is headquartered.

This was to climax a four-day power packed Easter convention, in which many had relief from spiritual bondage.

He stated that liberty, prosperity and freedom don’t come on a silver platter, but through hard work and commitment. Therefore, Christians must accept challenges in their endeavor to seek these traits, which come in their numbers.

Apostle Degenu pointed out that every achievement has its own unending challenges. However, with wisdom, one can handle these challenges.

With the theme of the convention, “The Power of the Blood”, Apostle Degenu charged Christians to, also believe in the power that resurrected Christ, stressing that “If the Spirit that resurrected Christ is in  you, you can resurrect with him” (Romans 8:11).

This, he noted, will not come easily.  Therefore as Christians, they should be prepared to carry the cross as did their master Jesus Christ.

He told the enthusiastic congregation how he had to go through turbulence and temptations, ranging from loss of money, failure in business and profession through to the threat of police arrest and run-away ventures, when he refused to take up the work of God.

However, one afternoon when he encountered the power of the blood and decided boldly to carry the cross and watch the flock of the Lord, his life changed tremendously.

“Now, I have moved from depending on my life for our livelihood, to keeping the household myself!” he said, earning laud applause from the congregation.

Apostle Degenu mentioned that his over 28 years in the house of the Lord, has not been easy and that, having turned 24 at Kade alone has not been easy either. Christians must therefore brace themselves up for any challenge in their endeavor to do the work of God.

He also urged them to believe in the name of Jesus as no other name on earth or anywhere surpasses that name. For, it is through that name and grace that one can succeed in life.

Turning to Revelation 5:1-5, he charged Christians to firmly believe in Christ since He is the only one to open the seal to other various bondages, as the scripture indicates. He hinted that God had blessed everyone with one talent or the other. Yet, spiritually, these talents could be sealed by the devil and it is only through hard work but this could be reversed.

And the only person to open these seals is Jesus who is the light and the truth (John 14:6), and with him, all burdens will be taken and all yokes broken, via anointing.

In the ensuing anointing service, many were those who got liberated from many a spritual bondage.

Source: S.O. Ankamah, Kade, E/R


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