Presidency support for a weak Candidate for the NDC against Akufo-Addo exposed

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Throughout his tenure in office as President, there was constant barrage of fake news, unfounded allegations, lies and personal attacks coming from a well oiled pro NPP media and NPP propaganda machines. The NDC lost the 2016 election because of the lies and fake promises they told Ghanaians . All over the world incumbents lost elections not because they failed but that the electorate chose to experience another leadership based on what the opposition tells them. Every member of the NDC including all the aspirants are proud of John Mahama’s achievements and always proud to state that the NDC credibly managed the affairs of this country under John Mahama.

Candidate Akufo-Addo and the NPP party lied to Ghanaians with false promises of restructuring. They deceived Ghanaians.

Now that the 2020 elections are around the corner, the NPP has become apprehensive that Ghanaians will hold it to task on its promises, including the one district one factory, one village one dam, stabilised cedi, low fuel prices, low electricity tariffs etc, hence the resort to rhetoric, desperate recants and sponsoring of aspirants to destabilise the NDC.

Political strategists assume voters have an almost infant-like response to lies, believing that if something is not true it won’t be repeated. So, the most effective political lies are repeated again and again. This was what the NPP did in 2016. “Say something often enough and people will begin believing it”. So, the NPP repeated their lies again and again- including

-Lordina Mahama was building a warehouse (flag staff house

-Mahama was running a family and friends government

-Mahama inflated cost of projects he implemented including the ridge hospital and the Kasoa interchange

-Mahama owns hotels in Dubai and Japan

-The Flag staff house zoo

-Inflated cost of diaries

-Mahama owns three private jets

-Mahama has over 20 houses in Accra

These were some of the wicked lies the NPP told Ghanaians about President Mahama to incite them against their leader. When Mr Martin Amidu, who constantly levelled corruption allegations against President Mahama was asked to substantiate them when he appeared before the parliamentary vetting committee, he said his allegations were based on perception. Hon Osei Wusu, the first deputy speaker of parliament, has still not provided evidence to support his allegation against Lordina Mahama. Ghanaians were not ready to go through the Greenbook or listen to sermons on the powerful projects implemented by the Mahama administration because of these wicked lies.

What didn’t they say about Sly as head of NHIA, Prof as Board Member of SSNIT, Bagbin as sector Minister, Spio as Sector Minister. They promised jobs and the youth who are always eager to experiment with things around them, voted for the NPP with the hope of getting jobs after 2016. According to latest report on unemployment, Ghana’s unemployment rate has increased sharply under this administration. Thousands have lost their jobs as a result of the crisis in the banking sector, low production (manufacturing sector), low investment etc.

In spite of all their failures, for an opposition to win in Ghana, one of the most important factors is the efficacy of the candidate the party is presenting for election. For you to defeat a tyrant incumbent, you cannot afford to joke around. So the greatest test for the NDC is the Presidential primary

Some of the aspirants are extremely close to the Chief if Staff at the Presidency and have been holding secret meeting with her at a location near Prampran according to a credible source.

According to the source, those aspirants were mandated to support the emergence a weak candidate for the NDC against President Akufo-Addo in the 2020 election. One was tasked to engineer crisis in the party and make the party weak.

John Mahama is a pragmatic politician who understands the dynamics of our contemporary politics. When the NDC landed in opposition in 2000 he was among the few smart ones who defended the party locally and internationally. John Mahama was the one who spoke to the media including the BBC when founder Rawlings was invited by the security operatives over his POSITIVE DEFIANCE statement. We had returned to the culture but John Mahama defied all odds and vehemently condemned the invitation on BBC and on some local radio stations and demanded for immediate suspension of the interrogation.

The man is back with his tough skin antics. He has energised the party’s base and sharpen the nerves of the rank and file with his #Boot4Boot# statement.

The agenda to wipe off the NDC is still at the number one position of the NPP’s priorities. The horse tradings are expected before 23rd February, but if the NDC were to be strategic, they will give John Mahama an overwhelming victory.

The party needs someone to support it financially, sustain the unity achieved and create an antidote to the cancerous Akufonics operating today. Most especially, John Mahama has an established nationwide and international political structure that if fused with the support of party folks, executives, disenchanted Ghanaians, the grassroots, the possibility of having victory is much much much higher than any of the other candidate.

Prof Alabi in 2016, appealed to Ghanaians to retain John to move Ghana to another enviable level

Dr Spio, after the 2016 election made it categorically clear that if Mahama decides to contest, he will not step forward. He said Mahama will be the best person to defend his noble achievements

Hon Bagbin, in 2016, campaigned on the achievements of John Mahama. His low grading of President Akufo-Addo in terms of governance is based on Mahama’s achievements. Beloved, stop disturbing your minds and hearts with the 2016 election results. We shall soon see the real length of the frog. Ken Agyepong has already given us the hint, their hoodlums threatened them that they will tell the world how they won the elections if they play tricks with them.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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