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President Akufo-Addo (Mr Sluggard), go to the Ant (John Mahama), Consider his Ways and be Skillful

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President Akufo-Addo has returned to his old habit of blaming and said, there was no money saved. This is patently untrue the President lied. If his predecessor left no shavings, with what money did he use to settle the $13 million arrears at the Ecowas Peace Keeping Secretariat, with what money did he use to organise his inauguration, Ghana @50, import customised vehicle for his personal use, pay salaries of workers the first four months of his administration, fund his foreign trips etc. The money he used came from somewhere.

According to President Akufo-Addo, Ghana is now a net exporter of electricity. How many megawatts of power has he added what he inherited from John Mahama. Can he tell Ghanaians the amount of money Ghana gets from the sale of electricity

– The Atuabo Gas supplies lean gas to the Aboadze enclave of thermal plants. Ghana saves Ghc 500million annually in fuel importation for electricity generation.

-President Mahama took steps aimed at fixing permanently the perennial shortfalls in power generation which led to load shedding in 1983, 1998, 2006/7 and during his tenure. To this end, he added thousands of megawatts of generation capacity

President John Mahama promised Ghanaians that he will make Ghana a net exporter of electricity- he successfully accomplished that dream and his successor Nana Akufo-Addo has started exporting electricity.

-What about the Community Day Secondary Schools and the support they giving to the Free SHS concept. Where would the administration had accommodated the thousands of students using these facilities

-What about the Ayalolo Transport system. The revenue being generated and the help it is offering commuters.

-What about the massive transformation in the telecommunication sector and revenue being generated from the sector as a result of the transformation.

-What about the STC…The new buses the Mahama administration purchased and how the transformation improved their operations and revenue

-What about the renovation at our ports. The Terminal 3, renovation of all the ports including Kotoka, Kumasi, Tamale, Wa etc and construction of the Ho Airport. Powerful airlines including air France etc are applied to start operating in Ghana because of the current standard of our ports. Hope the President knows what Ghana stands to gain from such arrangements. The number of local airline operators has increased because of the standard of our ports. The Mahama administration secured loans for the renovation of our ports including Tema and Takoradi. Expansion works at these ports begun before the exit of the administration.

-What about Ghana Exim Bank and the stabilisation fund…

-What about the roads and the hospitals.

Apart from all benefits, the oil sector is booming under this administration. Ghana is earned unprecedented dollar revenue from oil sale. Sadly, that is where the story wrecks hearts. There is nothing to show for the revenues earned, no major capital project has been completed, neither power generation, new hospitals, new schools or agriculture are benefiting from the windfall earnings.

Rather, the President and his henchmen are presiding over the diversion of oil revenues on a gargantuan scale. About 99 percent of the promises the President made in opposition have not been fulfilled.

Unemployment has quadrupled under his watch, Banks are collapsing, businesses are folding up, workers are being laid off.

The President should spend less time abroad telling foreigners how well Ghana is doing and more time at home asking Ghanaians how they feel about his administration.

The survey findings by credible agencies and the world bank provide a different picture from that which the President and his government tell us. Nonetheless, only 4% of Ghanaians consider themselves thriving in 2018 compared to 28% in 2016. These and other findings may come as a surprise to some Ghanaians. Akufo-Addo, per the the statistical service’s findings, has maintained a stable macroeconomic environment and controlled inflation. His policies and the microeconomic situation as we are being told have yet to touch the masses. Living wage family in Ghana is almost flat, wages paid to low skilled workers have decreased .
Then there’s the persistence of corruption, the rise of non performing loans in state owned banks, high taxation, poor NHIS and general public health. All these could explain the misalignment between the high hopes of Ghanaians for their economy and what they are personally experiencing.

Ghanaians had high expectations because of what candidate Akufo-Addo told them, and those expectations have not been satisfied. The beautiful macroeconomic stories is not creating jobs, unleashing unprecedented economic hardship on Ghanaians, not giving us new roads, it is collapsing businesses and banks.

The President’s own statement that Ghana is now a net exporter of electricity when we all know he has not added a megawatt of power from the over Ghc 50billion borrowed, makes nonsense that propaganda that he didn’t inherit a pesewa from his predecessor. He should find out from his folks (Kyebi) the importance of the roads, water etc the Mahama administration provided them. The roads he drives on in the capital city and across the country, the hospitals etc he has appointed his friends to head. To prove that Mr Mahama prudently and judiciously developed all parts of Ghana and bequeathed to Akufo-Addo huge assets, I will list all the projects implemented by the Mahama administration region by region, district by district and village by village in my next write-up.

By Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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