President-elect George Weah must not fail Liberia-GIGS

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The Ghana Institute of Governance and Security (GIGS) wishes to congratulate George Oppong Weah, President-elect of Liberia on his election victory.

We also congratulate his Vice President-elect and all Liberians for the peaceful and successful conduct of the election run-off.

The landslide victory is a firm declaration by the people of Liberia for change which should not elude them.

As we await the presidential inauguration next month, GIGS wishes to urge the President-elect to hit the ground running. He should be mindful of the reasons Liberians elected him into power, and live up to expectation.

He cannot make Liberia prosperous overnight, but GIGS believes his administration can build the right structures and a firm foundation for a economy to take off.

In doing so, the President-elect and his administration has to be strictly guided by the shortfalls of the outgoing administration so as to avoid repeating mistakes or making grievous ones.

Fixing the economy would remain an urgent herculean task, but he has no option than to build a robust economy that would promote increased job creation to reduce poverty.

His administration also needs to revamp the education sector to provide the requisite human resource to support national development, enhance utilities provision, and build the country’s infrastructure base to support economic growth.

Liberians are also expecting him to fight corruption head-on, especially in the extractive sector, and roll out a good governance system that make meaning to the citizenry.

GIGS commends the outgoing President, Johnson Sirleaf and her administration for their contribution to the development of Liberia, and we encourage the new leader to build on the good initiatives of the outgoing leader for the benefit of all Liberians.

Once the election is over, we call for a united Liberia to march forwards into development and prosperity.

President-elect Weah must deliver on his promises, and he must not fail Liberia and Africa in general.

David Agbee

Executive Director, GIGS

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