President Kufuor’s advice to NPP delegates and the emerging Tensions in the Country

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We must always defend the position which our fathers won – civil and religious liberty, free speech, the right to combine, local democracy, parliamentary institutions, and our great legacy of exercising our franchise – we must also take the offensive. Democracy, rightly understood, is a dynamic ideas.It implies that every man (Ghanaian) whatever his political affiliation, or creed,should be given equal opportunity of realising the best that is in him.It also implies that every man has a personal responsibility for the welfare of the community in which he lives. People laid down their lives for the actualisation of what I have proudly enumerated, journalists we incarcerated, politicians went to exile,others lost their lives all in the name of helping to restore democracy in Ghana.

This morning listening to some Radio Stations, I felt very disappointed and sad I had to put off my radio to end the pain I was going through listening to my fellow Ghanaians. About 90% of people who called into the various radio shows, called for the return of the military to take over governance in the Ghana. Last week I vehemently condemned the demonstration organised by Captain Smart and his friends. I warned our politicians to stop this emerging trend before Captain and his friends who are pursuing their personal agenda, they all get consumed it. I reminded them of how the 1979 coup happened and why the masses gave that coup the massive support. President Kufour addressing npp delegates in 2007 advised them to avoid the danger of voting for a leader whose attitude could bring back the military, a leader whose actions could create divisions in the NPP.

When I heard the callers demanding for the return of the military, my mind immediately moved to that statement by the former President. In one of my letters to the President, I stated that – each of us, without yielding up any conviction, must realise that the other fellow has also a right to his belief. Just after his inauguration, I advised the President that the majority must not use its power as a heedless steam roller, but wherever possible should accommodate the minority interest and feeling, and the minority accept the majority decision. Tolerance in democracy is very important and must be protected by all the players.

You cannot compete effectively against your opponent if you don’t have adequate information on ( about) his history and modus operandi. The current Npp administration is exhibiting and practicing real NLM/UP traits and doing that with dexterity. Former President Rawlings made a statement at Cape Coast about how the UP tradition operates and I will respectively advise all to solemnly ponder over that statement vis-à-vis happenings in the country today. We have read enough about the terrible treatment the tradition took Nkrumah through. The Delta Force, Invisible forces, Bolga Bulldog etc operating as vigilante groups of the party is not a new phenomenon. Same vigilante groups were established during the independence struggle, after independence, more were established including the deadly “Action troppere” to fight Nkrumah and his CPP. These groups were offered special training at Tafo and their leaders were permanently stationed at Tafo where bombs were prepared and fired on CPP elements.

Nehru and other high profile global icons advised Nkrumah to introduce the PDA to curb the emerging danger after independence. The NLM elements worked their way into the security agencies and started using people like E.R.T Madjitey who was the IGP who replaced Arthur Lewin Alexander. Madjitey was among the six police officers who were removed from office in connection with the assassination attempt on Nkrumah. Homes of CPP elements were barricaded by these NLM elements, Kofi Banda was shot by a gunman, Krobo Edusei’s sister was murdered and many other ugly incidents. Who were the main organisers of these dastardly acts? We know of Ampofo who was lynched after attacking CPP elements at a CPP rally. Ampofo was a son of Sir Ofori-Atta and half brother of Nana’s mother. He recruited fighters from Adoagyire, Sakyikrom and other places around Kyebi to attack CPP elements. I am not in anyway suggesting that there is a grand plan to reintroduce this phenomenon into our body politic, my problem is the deliberate attempt to empower these hoodlums with the kind of utterances we hear from powerful persons in the ruling party and failure on the part of the President to act beyond rhetorics. Too much talking, less practical action to curb escalation of this danger. We quote law and legal thesis and works of judges to justify what our instincts tell us are inhuman and cruel forgetting that if we allow our political egos to supersede realism,we will one day find our law books irrelevant because of kangaroo laws and decrees.

This madness (Maxwell Mahama’s murder etc) began from somewhere. We emboldened these hoodlums with our words of assurance and covert supports, we watched and watching formation and operation of these vigilante groups thrive, we offer them governmental support in the name of party affiliation, a journalists will sit on radio,use his platform to organise people to demonstrate and won people they are coming to their homes to arrest them in the name of “Citizens arrest” and you see and hear people who should know better, offer support to this madness when we know and have heard how miscreants use social media and Radio to create serious crisis in other countries.

My advice to the opposition is that it is better they go back and steadily, study what Nkrumah went through and strategies the CPP adopted to curb similar treatment unleashed on Ghanaians and the CPP. Allow them to use all the medical terms in the medical dictionary to describe your state of mind, whether dementia or whatever, just stay focused and know their operation techniques and how to clamp down their unconventional operations to save and protect our democracy.

If the President seriously want to end this emerging canker, then he must immediately come out with a strong statement disbanding vigilantism in our body politic. Any other move without disbanding operations of these hoodlums must be deemed cosmetic, mere rhetorics to daze the masses. The people who killed the young soldier were motivated by activities of these vigilante groups, the beating of the regional security head, beating of the policeman at the flagstaff House, seizure of vehicles, chasing out of court of a judge and how these mad dogs were freed by the Court in the name of political solidarity.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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