Press Release: Why Ghanaians must boycott 2018 Independence Day Celebration

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Civil society organizations are seriously worried about the current state of security in the country.

At ASEPA we find the situation more worrisome given the shoddy response government has given to the deteriorating security in the country.

Within the last three months there have been more than 50 robberies with about 20 of these robberies recording casualties.

What’s more the continuous broad day light attack on forex bureaus has huge consequences for our financial system and also investor confidence.

This is unprecedented in the history of our dear country; that a few hours to an important celebration in the history of our dear country;our minds have been preoccupied with fear and high insecurity instead of the pride of our liberation and our relatively strong and stable democracy.

But its about time as Ghanaians we send a strong message to government by boycotting this year’s independence day celebrations across the country to show our displeasure towards the high state of insecurity in the country which government looks on helplessly.

Enough of the robberies;enough of the killings;enough of the terror attacks.
If the government cannot demonstrate that it can provide thorough security to the people; then Ghanaians must take charge of their own security and avoid these crowded celebrations on the 6th of March especially the parades.

Until the government gives Ghanaians something worth celebrating within the next few hours;it shouldn’t expect the people to join in the celebrations because at this moment in our country there is absolutely nothing to celebrate.

We urge Ghanaians to be bold and show government their displeasure and their discomfort perhaps that’s the only way to get government to be at least sensitive to the plight of the people.

Again we urge civil society organizations;youth groups; the media; the clergy and well meaning Ghanaians to be fearless in calling the government which they have voted to take responsibility for the high insecurity in the country now and provide a clear plan through which it will bring the situation under control so that the people of Ghana can feel safe and go about their bread and butter issues without any form of fear for their lives and their investments.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Secretary-ASEPA

The Diplomatic Corps
All Media Houses

…..Issued inAccra……


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