Prof. Adei’s Shameful Double Standards on “Family and Friends Government”

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Prof Adei’s appointment to serve in his friend’s government as Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), serves to underline the crass hypocrisy, blatant double standards and jaundiced perspective that defines a certain section of our intellectuals, theirs is a false patios that has corrupted intellectualism and reduced it to a term of abuse.

Scrutinised objectively, what Prof Adei said about the Mahama administration was part of their Machiavellian Shenanigans, it was a crafty ploy that incited the public against the administration and hyped candidate Akufo-Addo and the NPP to kick out the Mahama administration.

Let us get one thing clear here, holding high academic titles, attending all the high profile centres of learning in the entire universe does not necessarily make one an intellectual in the real sense of the word and the good old Prof has confirmed that assertion. Ability to lie, propound bogus theories and display command over the Queen’s language to do your bidding and propaganda does not make you an intellectual either.

The man who has just been appointed Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, accused President Mahama of practising nepotism. He told Ghanaians that per his research findings one out of every four of Mr Mahama’s appointments came from his area of origin. Government came out with official documents and facts to expose that lie. The only family member who served in his [Mahama] government was Joyce Bawa. Interestingly, Prof Adei was one of the intellectuals President Mahama recommended to be part of the Senchi Economic Forum.

While Ghanaians including chiefs, pastors and some members of the opposition NPP (Nana Akomea include d) were commending John Mahama for building more schools and extending his infrastructure revolution to the villages, he [Prof Adei] vehemently chastised Mahama for building Day Secondary Schools in our villages.

Shockingly, Prof Adei who falsely accused Mr Mahama of nepotism doesn’t see anything wrong with Nana Akufo-Addo, appointing his cousins, friends, daughters, in-laws and former wives into his administration and fixing them at the juicy positions. To Prof and his friends, what is that one thing that convinced you that Akufo-Addo, the man you openly described as “not serious and unfit to lead Ghana) at Senchi, was right man to preside over the destinies of the over 30 million Ghanaians in this modern age? Under Mahama, Prof Adei made us believe that appointing just one family member into your government was satanic, that high fuel price was a sign of ineptitude on the part of the Mahama administration but today, this intellectually fraudulent being no longer blame President Akufo-Addo for appointing 64 family members including his daughter, his former wives, his friends and business associates, in-laws of his Vice into his government. He doesn’t see anything wrong with cousins and in-laws of the President heading all the sensitive state agencies.

How can a man with this worrisome degree of sycophancy and blind partisanship still claim to be a statesman. How can an elderly person like Prof be so criminally hypocritical and inconsistent? How can a man be so full of knowledge but succumb to lies and cheap political propaganda.

Prof Adei and some of these pseudo intellectuals who still know what shame is, no longer talk about fuel prices, nepotism and the economy in general. They now discuss presidential convoys and sports. He is like the proverbial elder who sits at home and watches while the she goat suffers the pains of parturition in tethers. We wish him and those bunch of sycophants and hungry political jobbers well in their new field of endeavours. Men and women who have allowed tribal hate to cloud their sense of reasoning.

Prof Adei and other intellectuals who behave like him are part of our problem not the solution. I was a member of his group (Senchi Forum). He rained praises on John Mahama and described him as a humble and respectful person always ready to listen to advise. He described the then candidate of the NPP [Nana Addo] as arrogant and unfit to lead this great nation.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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