Prof Alabi undermines the Challlenges in NDC

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“Let no one be deceived that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has a problem or a hurdle to battle with,” Prof. Joshua Alabi, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has stated..

According to him, “every organisation has to re-organise at a certain point in time, what happens in that organisation is exactly what is happening in the NDC; every re-organisation there are bound to be blows, but the bottom-line is that all would come down and we shall find one cause to move forward”, he explained.

Prof. Alabi, who is lacing his boots to contest for the flagbearership position in the NDC, sounded that NDC is a strong party and not a party where one could use his self-worth to bully his or her way-out. He informed the crowd that recently thronged his campaign office that the NDC is the only party which has a minimum base of 45% of the electorates, than any other political party in Ghana, so when very good people lead the party the rest of the 5% plus 1 vote will get the NDC back to power.

“And this is what our team is going to offer our party, NDC come 2020,” the former UPSA Vice Chancellor hinted. He was speaking to a teeming party youth, students, some past and present Members of Parliament and a section of the media at a get-together organized on 24th night as he wished Ghanaians a Merry Christmas.   

He used the occasion to caution everyone supporting him to make the campaign very civil because he does not believe in politics of insults that is why he does not mention names of his opponents in his rounds to solicit for votes. “…what I try to do is to tell you what I can do, if somebody tells you that because of the colour of hair I can’t be a president is his cup tea,” he said.

Prof. Alabi informed all that, “the power of the colour of my hair made me a NUGS leader; a GFA member; a Member of Parliament; Minister of State; a Vice Chancellor of a University and to crown it, the colour of my hair made me to be given an Order of Volta Award in the Republic of Ghana”.

“….so you see God intentionally gave me this colour just as He gave David same to defeat Goliath, so with this colour we shall bring victory to the NDC come 2020 general elections,” Prof. posited.

&So all we have to do is to go down, talk to our people in the NDC, give them hope and when you do all these, as a Christian or a Muslim, pray because there are certain things that we do not see but with prayers God will break all buriers on our way to the Flag-Staff House come 2020, he said confidently.

In view of this, the renowned Prof. Joshua Alabi charged all NDC members to get involved in the re-organisation process which include the registration of members ahead of the primaries.

Prof. Alabi Addressing some NDC Supporters That Thronged his Campaign Office In Accra


Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

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