Prof. Alarbi proposes Radical Reforms in the Education Sector   

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Professor Joshua Alarbi, the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, has proposed a radical reform in the country’s education sector, calling for a paradigm shift from the current unbridled focus on certification in Ghana’s schools to knowledge base era.  

The former Greater Accra and Northern Minister in the ex-President Jerry John Rawlings administration said when this is achieved, it would arm the youth with the requisite knowledge and unleash their creative potentials in order for them to perform and solve the challenges associated with the country’s organizations and drive Ghana towards the path of development.

Speaking at a forum at Nungua, a suburb of Accra on the topic: Entrepreneurship organized by Young Achievers Network, he said, before the country would develop socio-economically young people must lead the process.

Commenting on those who desire to become successful entrepreneurs, Professor Alarbi said the person must create a business idea, should be financially viable and must be plant noting that it must be useful to mankind. The man credited with masterminding the University of Professional Studies into a world class university urged wanna-be successful entrepreneurs to be financially discipline and separate their personal life from their business.

Professor Alarbi who is rumored to be nursing the ambition to contest the presidential slot of the opposition National Democratic Congress to lead the party in the 2020 presidential election also appealed those who desire to be successful entrepreneurs to position themselves to withstand the pressure that would come from their family.

He called on the youth to depend on their God given talents to employ themselves and others rather than waiting for non existence jobs from Government. On creativity, the former Vice Chancellor University of Professional Studies made a passionate appeal to the youth to be creative and proactive whiles in school in order to solve the day-to-day problems in their jurisdiction.

For the private the sector to grow and employ the teeming unemployed youth as well as inure to the benefit of the country, Professor Alarbi said it must rely on the energy and the talents of the youth.

The youth, he opined, can only play a crucial part in this process when they build their capacity. This, he said, would enable the country to sustain its socio-economic growth.

He said the youth are increasingly becoming frustrated when it comes to access to jobs. Professor Alarbi warned the political class to find sustainable solution this perennial problem else they would be attack by the youth and the associated revolution that will come with.

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