Prof Lungu’s 19-Point Advisory for Serious Akufo Addo!

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“My Gosh, Neighbourhood Watch”, Luciano called and wailedl!

“Revolution….Fight”, Nasio counter-responded!

Watch your wallets, Ghana!

We just read Professor Kwesi Botchway’s “8 Recommendations for NDC” and Fallen-Mahama. We noticed there is no mention of corruption, transparency, real and substantive Asset Declaration by statutory officials, accountability and NDC’s failure to enact the Freedom of Information bill, etc., as factors at bottom of the NDC defeat and subsequent ascendency of Akufo Addo to the presidency. Per the highlights, Professor Kwesi Botchway’s report does not express a position on outlaw and banishment of Mahama-Fubu-Type-Nepotism, Separation of Church and State in national governance, and payment of income taxes by all officials taking money from Ghanaians, regardless of their position. Further, there is nothing on NDC’s failure to make strong strides on preservation of Ghana’s natural and cultural resources (remember ‘galamsay”?) balanced by fair and equitable revenues for Ghana’s oil and gas resources. To imply in the Botchway assessment report even for a second that any of these NDC failures have nothing to do with the NDC defeat is, from our vantage position, is the height of naked, partisan, absent-mindedness.

Professor Kwesi Botchway’s summary points address winning for the NDC while remaining silent about remedying the warts-infested Rawlings Constitution that is in part responsible for the defeat of the NDC.

Simply, on numerous occasions and through various media, however you slice and dice it, you can bet your bottom cedi we did our best to forewarn Fallen-Mahama and his vice President, Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur. We warned them that breaking rules of nepotism, cutting corrupt deals with their kith and kin and foreign corporations, and neglecting to demand Fair Trade Oil Share for Ghana would have negative consequence for Mr. Mahama. We warned them also that it is foolish, a total waste of money, to propose coal-fired plants for Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana when the Osagyefo himself was talking about Solar Energy for Ghana way back in the 1960s, even as Ghana was gearing up to commission the Akosombo Dam (Ghana First Great Sika Duro).

And so, we thought we would tweak the title of our follow-up paper to lightly mirror Professor Botchway’s and in so doing direct our core Ghana-centered advisory to Akufo Addo and the NPP considering the NPP is the party the People elected in their collective wisdom when Mr. Mahama failed them on so many grounds.

It is all in the record if you care to Google-check!

As one young woman told us recently, “I voted for change”.

In sum, among areas of policy Fallen-Mahama and his NDC party screwed up big time and for which Serious Akufo Addo and his administration must focus and repair with laser-beam precision, these revised 19-Point Advisory items have actual, practical, and symbolic significance for real change, if the NPP government under Nana Akufo-Addo Dankwa wants the People to take them at their own word(s) and their promise of development and progress for Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana in the short-term, here and now.

Our 19-Point Advisory for Serious Akufo Addo are the following:

(1)  Tear down and rebuild the warts-infested Rawlingsian Constitution utilizing work product(s) already funded and paid for by Ghanaians as tax payers, in the name of the People of Ghana themselves who are the Sovereign. (For instance, no government official should earn income from government and other sources that is not justly taxed to support the commonwealth they supervise and administer)

(2)  Pass the “Freedom of Information (FOI) bill, with an Independent Commissioner; promote transparency in government, understanding that “Right to Information” (RTI) is for very weak people and tyrants like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe). That is one sure fire way to fight corruption, if you really want to win

(3)  Immediately abrogate Act 919, that fraudulent and predatory 419 oil exploration and production contract scheme on Ghana. Review all contracts on petroleum and gas exploration/production and ensure through the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation that Ghana receives no less than 50% of all oil revenues consistent with investment by Ghana in exploration and production, and the global standard Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), the US GAO recommended contract system for sovereign oil

(4)  Continue to ensure that the Adansi-Asokwa MP Kobina Tahir “Hybrid” Hammond speaks only for himself and the people in that constituency who returned him to parliament

(5)  Publish without further delay a list of all transportation projects and their state of completion, including those for airport and railway infrastructure development; prioritize them transparently according to their importance to Ghana’s national development, and complete them accordingly. (BUT BY ALL MEANS, SWIFTLY COMPLETE THE ACCRA-KUMASI HIGHWAY PROJECT WHILE INVESTIGATING USE OF FUNDS, REASONS FOR ALL THE UNTOWARD DELAY, AND CONSEQUENCES DURING THE LAST 14 YEARS)

(6)  Implement a super-effective, decentralized, alternative and sustainable power generation program with Solar Energy as centerpiece for residential, institutional, and tourism uses, to free up adequate power reserves for industry and the export economy

(7)  Promote science education and culture, Singapore-style, where teachers, instructors, and administrators are evaluated on their understanding of science, nature, relevance of data for daily living, and their importance in the lives of Ghanaians in cities, towns, villages, and regions

(8)  Identify tourism development and green infrastructure, including sanitation upgrades, as high priority areas. Integrate “Brand Ghana” under that banner and ensure Diaspora defined chiefly for the purpose of generation of foreign exchange (vice taxes) and protection of the rights of all Ghana nationals, become crucial engines for a more prosperous Ghana in an inter-connected global environment

(9)  Mandate Ghana Police Service, the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), and the Transportation minister to provide within 3 months a credible plan on traffic safety administration that measurably reduces the carnage, maiming, and destruction of life and property on roads in Ghana, year-by-year, data-point by data-point, for the next decade. (All data published by these agencies for the consumption of the People shall be meaningfully normalized)

(10)  Consistent with above, mandate the Interior Ministry, the Ghana Police Service, the Services, and the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), to provide within 3 months a credible “National Plan for Control, Eradication, and Response to Mob Justice” that measurably reduces the wanton disregard for the rule of law, presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and swift, transparent trials as close to communities as practicable. (All data published by these agencies for the consumption of the People shall be meaningfully normalized)

(11)  Improve public management and civil service professionalism, including presidential staff, and ensure all have adequate training with respect to law and ethical requirements, including non-partisanship and the separation of church and state while on duty. (For instance, no Minister or government official may use government resources for their private religious affairs, including using government vehicles to transport themselves and their families to churches, mosques, and synagogues, etc.)

(12)  Ensure improved health administration and control/management of diseases, including cholera, knowing that these have huge impact on Brand-Ghana, Tourism, and the Ghanaian image. Ensure recent loose talk by irresponsible officials that AIDS is now adequately under control is nipped in the bud, until Ghana is able to cheaply produce in Ghana, a vaccine for AIDS. (Ensure the Ministry of Health and Ghana EBOLA task force is maintained, trained, rewarded, multiplied, and equipped to handle current and new health/sanitation emergencies)

(13)  Review Ghana national drug policy and sentencing, especially with respect to cannabis and the immoral history of Western/European-decreed drug laws in accordance with current scientific knowledge balanced by policy on use of alcohol, personal freedoms, the dignity of individuals and their families, cost to government and tax payers for administration of law and sentencing, and current practices by progressive and responsible governments the world over

(14)  Resource and force-multiply the capabilities of emergency management in Ghana, paying acute attention to coastal zones and riparian corridors, and areas where oil/gas is being explored/produced, to include impacts of deforestation and desertification throughout Ghana consistent with the 2015 “National REDD+ Strategy”. Plant 100 million trees. Surely, if Ghana can without regard to democratic principles employ public funds to support religious activities such as sponsoring a National Cathedral, providing meals and other services to pilgrims in far-away Mecca and the Vatican), Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana ought to be able to plant a 100 million trees within 2 years to stop deforestation, desertification, and improve Ghana’s ecological balance with respect to lands, rivers, and air)

(15)  Consistent with above, provide a national forest resources and habitat preservation plan for job creation, economic empowerment, and as a climate adaptation strategy, from each District to the Region, to the National level; tie execution of the major promises made to Ghanaians to those efforts and enable professional, non-partisan, and timely auditing and transparency at every level and stage; avoid waste of national resources. (Ensure Million-Dollar payments are  balanced according to size of population in the region; that if any region must lose it will be Greater Accra on account of disproportionate share of national income that accrue to that region annually)

(16)  Ensure technical and science education systems and the Ghana Education Service produce teachers and facilitators with requisite skills and interest in teaching technical skills, trades, critical thinking, and life-skills development for youths, with no less than 55% of resources expended on Ghanaian girls and women

(17)  Employing lessons already learned at tax payer expense and consistent with the 2015 “Ghana National Spatial Development Framework 2015-2035”, implement an executive-directed national development planning effort that produces coherent, coordinated, comprehensive, time-limited planning products that leverage non-proprietary, common, off-the-shelf products to support development at the district-regional levels

(18)  Fully implement and fund the 2013 “Railway Master Plan of Ghana”, recognizing that it is not the business of the new Railway Minister to establish as railway industry. Rather, it is the business of the Ghana Railway to ensure trains to arrive on time, that passenger and cargo throughput are safely increased with a credible plan, reduce hazards and unsafe conditions including encroachment on tracks and safe buffers zones, provide aesthetically pleasing travel conditions, these being  important national development and priority items

(19)  Drastically reduce customs fees and taxes for the importation of vehicles into Ghana and tighten up on revenue collections to increase payments directly to the commonwealth. Schedule of fees for all vehicles must be easily available on government websites, newspapers, at embassies, and all ports of entry.

The ordinary Ghanaians is working 7 days a week, 24-7!

We are saying forget about all those speak-easy and shiny bright promises of “Pay for Dining in Jerusalem and Mecca, 1-Million-Dollars-Per Constituency, 1-Factory-1 District, etc.

For real!


My Gosh Neighbourhood Watch

So it goes, Ghana!


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