Profile: Who is Dr Nana Oppong?

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  • President of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa,

  • President the International Standards Journalism Association

  • President of the Learned Counsels Worldwide

  • International Counsel and Lawyer of the Supreme Court

  • Former Dean and Chairman of Universities

  • Graduate of University of Toronto, York University

  • Author of over 30 Great Works of Scholarship in diverse fields of physics, economics, law, logic, education, philosophy, politics, intelligence

Distinguished Fellow Nana Oppong is an African-Canadian of Ghanaian birth. Nana is a scientist, economist, lawyer, philosopher, author, poet and teacher. He has been described by the distinguished professor of law Simon Hill and many more eminent scholars and experts as: “blessed”; “an extraordinary human being” and as a “true intellectual superstar”; “a great genius” and “one of the smartest human beings of all times.”

Nana is currently is the leading world expert on narratives of competence for healthy, competitive and sustainable global development. His expertise is in the science of intelligence and of learning systems. His works are properly characterized as “brilliance- scholarship” with emphasis on intelligence-transformations for groups, institutions and nations. Here are a few bits about some of his works.

The ilegal” and “Law, Poverty & Global Justice”. The “Ilegal” is all the lawyers’ wisdom in one book” and it is a book on how lawyers and judges think about rules, businesses, relationships and about life. The purpose of the book is to make available to both the lawyer and the non-lawyer alike, the pragmatic foundations of law and how these can be used by the person to protect himself or herself in life and in business. The second book is on international jurisprudence for the redress of gross injustices affecting the very poor of the world.

To assist organizations and governments in particular towards greater and better governance, Nana Oppong has developed the Subversion Index, the first in the world. The Subversion Index states that every formal system or organization is subject to weaknesses from incompleteness and manipulability. The Index further posits that unless such weaknesses are explicitly anticipated and minimized through systemic structures and surveillance, formal systems are apt to be vulnerable to systemic inefficiencies and corruption. The Subversion Index therefore, measures the degree to which an institution or organization is a). incomplete and b). vulnerable to substantive and procedural subversion or tinkering towards unacceptable objectives.

Nana Oppong is also the author of the Due Diligence Index (DDI), the first of its kind for developing nations. The DDI measures both past performance of a person, company or organization, where applicable and the probable or actual impact of any given undertaking in the areas of financial soundness, innovation, women, local and national community improvement, the environment and employee welfare. The DDI is computerized for automatic scores in respect of individual or corporate applications for financial institutions and organizations.

In addition, Nana Oppong is the founder of Nichemathics, a totally new discipline on Economics with a focus on ‘people-resources’ and creativity as key to growth and sustainability of industries for developing countries and beyond. Nana Oppong is the editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Nichemathics.

Also, Nana Oppong is the founder and editor of the Journal of Rational Science; a peer-reviewed journal devoted to scientific research on intelligence as a linguistic and collective phenomenon requiring institutional efforts and continuity.

Nana Oppong is the Author of the ground-breaking book, entitled the Paper-Nations & The Renaissance of Africa. The work is the first comprehensive analysis of the systemic limits and incoherence of the architecture of governance in Sub-Saharan Africa and of proven solutions to kick-start the Renaissance of Africa. The book is ground-breaking for Sub-Saharan African politics and economics and of the future of Africa.

 Furthermore, Nana Oppong is the father of Microbitic Physics, a theory of physics founded on absolute space with microbits as foundational particles differentiated from one another by speed, quantities and positions. Microbitic theory is parallel to the Einsteinian theory of General Relativity with respect to space and time.

Again, Nana Oppong is originator of the biophysics’ theory of the Quantum Lights & The General Rate of Presence (GRP) which posits that life as configured on the planet earth is founded on light with the consciousness of man weaving in and out of presence at the speed of light. The foundational particles of life being light means that life can be re-created by human beings in terms of the systematic configuration of photons, with consciousness as a maximum speed relative to the velocity of our particular galaxy. The theory provides the answer to the question of how we can create life or resurrect the dead. It also provides the key to the question of how “artificial intelligence” can attain consciousness.

Nana Oppong is the father of the Symphonic Theory of Intelligence, which states intelligence can only be acquired when it is learned as part of the rhythms, the norms and the “every day” practices of the dominant community of the person. According to Nana Oppong,intelligence is a symphony, it is language, it is a certain order of play that requires a series of

harmonious steps within the person and within his community. Through the theory, Nana Oppong provides scientific and concrete ways in which individuals, institutions and communities can become wise or improve on their intelligence in significant and sustainable manners.

Nana Oppong is the founder of “The Collaborative Theory For Human Evolution” (Evolution = LC x G). LC= learned collaborative. G=great culture. According to him, human beings are uniquely different from animals and other species on earth and for that matter, evolve differently. When it comes to the evolution of man, it is neither ecology nor biology but intelligent and enduring collaboratives or cooperating intelligences united by a great or singular cause driven by a wise culture. The progress or regress of any nation is critically dependent on the ability a number of individual intelligences to become specific, reliable and efficient “parts” in a social “machine”. It is only those societies that continuously manage to have a greater number of individual intelligences “lose” their separate notes and merge into a network of harmonious intelligences that can boast of the necessary learned collaborative that is key the evolution of evolution. According to Nana Oppong the evolution of man is not dependent on a smarter or a larger-brained individual. When it comes to the evolution of man, a trillion men each of enormous intelligence acting on his own is inconsequential and even dangerous, as long as each walks alone. The secret to the evolution of man is a “we-ness” founded on intelligent unity of skills, values and goals (learned collaborative). Unlike the prisoners of nature, a nation evolves to the extent that the greater number of individual intelligences within it are able to communicate intelligently, and agree and work consistently with one another towards a stated intelligent purpose.

Nana Oppong is the father of Seduction Theory of Power by which posits that power is sustained by consumption and that if you have nothing important to offer people, you cannot have power over them. The greatest power creates needs and has a monopoly over the fulfilment of those needs. Through the theory Nana Oppong shows how some nations rule, dominate and exploit other nations legally, peacefully and profitably through systematic and consistent provision of goodies that create addictions and loyalties from citizens of other nations. The work is a solution for creative markets and national competitiveness. Nana Em has a lot more works that are too many to mention here.

Nana Oppong is the author of the theory on the “evolution of incompetence”. According to Nana, evolution is relative to those of one’s contemporaries. There are communities whose measured evolution as compared to those of their contemporaries, are so slow, they in fact move back-wards and perform worse as compared to their previous ranking and as compared to others. Nana Oppong explains that there are languages, narratives, practices, traditions, rhythms and rules that warp the mind of the person and result in stupidity. The reverse is true. By showing how people become stupid, Nana provides the formula for avoiding it and of the ways towards accelerated evolution.

Nana Oppong is the Author of the famous Letter to President Obama in 2015. In the letter, he argues for a fundamental re-think of US and world polices for the development of Africa. According to Nana Oppong, no nation can be globally competitive or achieve the types of technological and social breakthroughs that make for world relevance and power without a great collaborative of the learned. The great collaborative however does not fall from the sky and must be built through a strategic, passionate and sustainable educational program run by learned counsels. Without the learned counsels, most African children would grow up on poor diets of incompetence and alienation that lead to nothing but below average performances. Accordingly, Nana Oppong has called for US and worldwide support to create learned counsels for all high schools and universities in Africa in order to new and stronger generations of smarter and collaborating Africans.

On the artistic side, Nana Oppong is extremely talented. His artistic name is “EyeAm”. He is the creator of highly acclaimed works in music, film, theatre, poetry and storytelling. The man is a guitarist, a great singer-composer, an actor, a director and many more. Nana calls his type of music “beautypop”, to describe his overwhelming sensitivity towards the beautiful in nature and in all of us. What else can be said about the man? He is evidence of the greatness of the God who created him!


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