PURC under pressure to increase tariffs for power generators

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The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GridCo) is proposing about 95% tariff increment, that is from the current 2.5107 Gp/kWh to 4.897 GP/kWh ..

At a stakeholders consultative forum for major utility providers on tariff review, organised by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), the Marketing Manager in charge of operations at GRIDCo, Kofi Owriedu Ntow, said the request for the increment has become necessary due to the increase in demand and the high cost of producing power in Ghana.

He noted that an amount of GHC76 million was lost in September 2018 and this has led to the company not being able to perform to expectations as well as not being able to make new recruitment for the company. They were also not able to acquire tools and equipment to enhance their field work.

Kofi Ntow justified their proposal for tariff increment by saying there has been an increment in operations and maintenance costs of NITS as well as restoration of tariff to be cost reflective.

He said the loss has led to delays in debt services and breach of financial covenants, deferment of projects and some maintenance works as well as delays and non payment of (RoW) compensations.

GRIDCO however has invested over $600million in projects.

Out of this an amount of $300.76 was invested in projects which have been completed and an amount of $388.65 in on going projects.

Source: Theresa Adezewa Ayittey

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