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Put Your MASLOC Loans to Good Use – NPP Women Organizer urges Women

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The Women Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bodi Constituency, of the newly created North Western Region, Christian Nti, popularly known as ‘Woman’ has urged beneficiaries of the MASLOC programme, to endeavor to put monies received via this programme to a better use for the benefit of themselves, party and country.

She noted that women are capable of turning around even smaller fortunes, hence their selection for the programme, which is coming to the constituency for the first time.

‘Woman’ gave this advice at Bodi recently, when about 70 polling station women organizers benefited from the programme for the first time in the constituency, under the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s regime

She indicated that their administration, like that of Nana Akufo-Addo, keeps an Open policy hence the involvement of all these women. According to her, these hard-working woman left their home and toiled and moiled for the party from opposition to power, and in the reorganization of their hard work, they are being given this benefit so as to urge them on to do more.

This, she noted used to be in far contrast to what transpired in the NDC, where only executives cashed on this programme for their personal gains she debunked claims that ghost names were involved in the programme

Women are productive

Trusting in the productivity of women, Nti pointed out that no man is capable of turning little fortunes round in home building. Therefore these monies so gained should be properly turned round in order to ensure quick and effective payment for subsequent programmes ahead.

She noted that since women are shy of disgrace, they should endeavor to repay the benefits to gain more favor in subsequent bigger ones. This is because this is not party money “Be patient and persistent in payment, for more is ahead of us,” she urged them, amidst clapping and cheers.

The party chairman, Yaw Nkuah, indicated that the money was not party money. He also appealed to male members to be patient since theirs which is bigger is ahead.

On her part, Patricia Fosua of Afere and a beneficiary of the facility expressed her gratitude to the government for the facility and prayed for more. She was however quick to point out that their husbands who fought so tirelessly for the government as well as the youth, felt disappointed because according to them they were not seeing anything forthcoming.

She urged the Bodi District Assembly to endeavor to establish the Afere market for the people of Afere, since Afere is a vibrant commercial center in the district and with a well-established market, commercial, activities will boom to the benefit of not only women in the town but also the assembly as well, more so as Western North Region comes into being

Fosua pointed out that since the people had so much trust in the NPP, they voted massively for it, however from the look of things people are getting disappointed with the government, and that the earlier the situation is arrested, the better it will be for all.

Comfort Sam of Polling Station ‘B’ Kwasikrom was equally grateful to the government for the facility. While pleading with the government for more, she urged her colleague beneficiaries to be faithful in the repayment so as to enable them to enjoy more.


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