QNET arrives in Ghana with promising CSR packages

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QNET – a global e-commerce products company has introduced its range of home care, personal care, nutrition, watches and others into the Ghanaian market with a solid promise to ensure that customers have value for money.

The company is also promising to duplicate its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) packages in Ghana for the benefits of orphanages, persons with disability, victims of disaster, environmental protection and food/water programs, among others.

Mr David Sharma, Advisor to QNET, told journalists at a news conference in Accra on Friday that one of the reasons for their coming to Ghana now is due to the realization that the country has an impressive youth market for QNET products. He said Ghana has a lot of prospects and they intend to explore it while offering the best in health, nutrition, personal care, e-learning and holiday packages.

The global Public Relations Manager for QNET, Elaine Aisyah, said the company currently has over 1500 permanent staff in over 25 countries across the world.

QNET has various offices as well as a number of third party agents in a number of countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The company has localized operations and franchises in some countries as well.

“QNET product aims at making a complete wellbeing accessible to all to enhance the body, mind and spirit, and that is what are bringing to you,” she stated.

The company also has a package where the customer is rewarded for using the QNET product that provides sustainable and lasting business for residual income.

The various QNET products can be purchased through the company’s online store accessible at www.qnet.net

As part of its 20th anniversary celebration this year, QNET which has developed from a small, single product company to offering a wide range of high quality products and services in 11 different categories will provide regular training programs, promote a strong ethical code of conduct, support its distributors with marketing materials and business tools and source or develop right products for their diverse global customer base.

Instructively, Sharma said “QNET does not solicit investment, take deposits, promise fixed returns, sell shares, sell or offer jobs, condone any unlawful holding or “detaining” of persons or conduct hard selling or forceful tactics”.

It was announced that QNET has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the sponsorship of the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup for both 2018 and 2019.

Source: ghananewsonline.com.gh



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