Rawlings is annoying!

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Until the rotten tooth is removed, the mouth ought to chew with caution. It has become too apparent that Rawlings has become the rotten tooth in the mouth of NDC. The NDC has to be meticulous in his midst or take the bold decision to Afoko him.

I lost complete respect for Rawlings following his unsavory comments to the BBC after the death of Prof Attah Mills. He showed complete disrespect to the dead even though our African mores say “speak no evil of the dead”. Rawlings conclusively is in some delusion of grandeur. He always throw his weight around as if he is the Apostle of Moral Exactitude or an infallible Greek god. Enough of the baloney! Rawlings should stop getting ahead of himself. He is no deity and does not portend any attributes that is remotely close even to an angel. He is not Ghana’s best experience.

It takes a man conceited of moral decorum to proclaim his righteous above other men. And then go ahead to put himself in heaven hereafter whiles suggesting hell as an abode for his successors. What’s wrong with this man? He thinks of himself as the final arbiter of morality.

It is about time Rawlings started behaving like a statesman. He can’t continue to use every platform to insult people and accuse his successors of failing to do things he had uninterrupted 19 solid years to do vis-a-vis 8 years.

Rawlings should first remove the log in his eye by returning Saani Abacha’s $5 million “gift”. In Rawlings’ own words, he claimed the money was used for “nationalistic purposes”. Can he tell us how much of that money went to Volta Region, his home.

My first time in Volta Region was 2002. Two years after NDC had lost power. I was shocked by the deplorable state of everything called infrastructure. There is a saying that charity begins at home. So, if Rawlings wasn’t able to leave up to this maxim, then he should not blame others for the snail paced development of Volta Region.

Rawlings should stop being an intelligent psychopath.

Source: Hanan-Confidence Abdul

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