Re: Bimbilla Residents in Demo Over Pregnant Woman Killing

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My attention has been drawn to a publication purported to have been made by the Daily Guide in relation to the above subject. This report was published on December 20, 2017. In the said publication, the report mischievously accused one young man by name Tata for the murder of the pregnant woman. The report further erroneously described Tata as a private bodyguard to Nyeb Vo-Naa Abarika Attah.

This report by Daily Guide is the result of yellow journalism. It’s not only inaccurate but also reveals the malicious plans by some individuals who want to hide and use the media to tarnish the reputation of Nyeb Vo-Naa. Nyeb Vo-Na in no uncertain terms condemns the murder of the woman.

At about 8:00pm on Tuesday, residents of Bimbilla heard gun shots. However, it was later revealed that it was not an exchange. Someone allegedly hide ammunition in the bush and this ammunition caught fire and exploded. However, according to the police report “He [Suspect] is an unidentified person. We have not made any arrest, but we picked up AK47 and other ammunition from the house…”

Nyeb Vo-Naa is a true royal who became the regent of the late Bimbilla Na-Abarika Attah II. He handed over the barton to the other gate without bloodshed. Nyeb Vo-Na is a symbol of peace. For the records, Nyeb Vo-Na has no private bodyguard; he walks freely both within and outside Bimbilla.

Whilst we as residents of Bimbilla expect fair and accurate media reportage in this difficult moment, we’re also demanding to know from the security agencies the following.

  • What is the outcome of their investigation on the incident that occurred on Tuesday?
  • Why was the rush to bury the woman?
  • Was any autopsy conducted?
  • Who owns the AK47 and the other ammunition they picked from the deceased house?
  • Is there any effort made to question the young boy who was allegedly in the house with the decease and who is allegedly at large?
  • Osman Kika on joyfm categorically mentioned that ‘the suspect is in Bimbilla walking freely’. Has the police invited him for any information?

These are questions begging for answers from the security agencies and the media who should inform the public.

I want to categorically state that, the media must be circumspect in their reports about the Bimbilla struggle. People are parading themselves as gatekeepers to information concerning the Bimbilla chieftaincy conflict. But without mincing words, 90% of such people are chieftaincy contractors. I expect credible media houses to know them.

Salifu Mufteen


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