RE: Police in control of security at Bimbilla

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The attention of the family and supporters of the late Na-Salifu Dawuni has been drawn to report on the above subject. The report by categorically stated that ‘This follows growing security concerns after the recent arrests of some persons at the Nakpa Naa’s palace for possessing guns.’ We wish to put it on record that no person was arrested at the Na-Salifu Palace. The report is no near truth and must be treated with contempt.

We also see the unrelenting effort by the late Mr. Andani’s faction to dent the hard won reputations of government appointees particularly the Defense Minister and the Northern Regional Minister. We told Ghanaians that Osman Kikaa is an alarmist and a contractor to the Mr. Andani’s faction and he must be seen as such. His survival is threaten if Bimbilla is free of tension. So Osman’s job is to peddle lies and get paid. We need to know why Osman is calling on the security to be strict? Should the security be strict on the Palace of Na-Salifu because he and his people used that method under the previous administration with impunity?

The three people arrested were returning from their hunting expedition and couldn’t have engaged the security in a shootout. We are aware of the plans to tarnish the image of the Na-Salifu Palace. Very swift move to associate those arrested with the palace. We welcome and accept them, because majority of the people in Nanung are with our Palace. So it’s possible that they are part of our supporters.

The background to this misreport is that, Mr. Andani’s faction attempted to use the MCE to ban the Na-Salifu Palace from celebrating the just ended Damba Festival. However, the Palace resisted and that created tension leading to a total ban on Damba by the Regional Security Council.

Then came the issue of observing the weekly traditional drumming at the Palace. Again, the MCE failed to arm-twist the security to stop our Palace from observing that. It’s not that the security is not strict, but they operate within the ambit of the law. When all these failed Osman and his pay masters threaten to attack our Palace.

We are not worried about half-baked reports from yellow press. through Tanko has demonstrated unimaginable bias against us. What prevented from engaging both factions? What informed their decision to contact only Kikaa?

We appeal to our sympathizers home and abroad, to remain calm as we pray for victory in the media war against our palace. No person has been arrested at our palace. The reports are sensational and scandalous.

Salifu Mufteen


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One thought on “RE: Police in control of security at Bimbilla

  • 12th December 2017 at 1:00 pm

    This is the real truth on the ground.Mr Mufteen the Almighty Allah bless you and also bestow his knowledge on you so that you willcontiues on telling Ghanaians the only truth and also the truth people in Bimbilla seek, Allah will punish those liers within and outside Nanung i mean Bimbilla for Ghanaians and the world to see them as that.Ameen.


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