Re: Punish Youth Groups That Protested Against Oti Region – Chiefs to Government

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The Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland, USA and Canada chapter have learnt with much displeasure of a disturbing news going round social media suggesting that, the government of Ghana must punish youth groups that protested against the creation of the Oti region out of the Volta Region.

This piece of news is purported to be coming from the Volta Regional House of Chiefs.

We wishe to state here unequivocally that the suggestions made in this news are affront to democracy, Rule of Law and a breach of freedom of expression that is not only human rights but also embedded in the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

The recent demonstrations that erupted in the Volta region is a direct response of the people of the Volta region to government quest to curve part of the land and rename it Oti.

Per article 5, clause 1 (a), (b) and (c) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, it is unconstitutional to curve and rename part of the land that I described in article 4 clause (1) as region which immediately before coming into force of this Constitution, existed in Ghana as a sovereign State, which is also an entrenched provision.

The protester’s undisputably exercised their constitutional rights and their message, “no to Oti region” is loud and clear.

They should be commended for staging peaceful demonstrations rather than trying to put fear in them.

PLCWTL, USA and Canada chapter have realized that such news is propaganda and is not coming from the Volta Regional House of Chiefs. It is false news purported to instil fear in demonstrators and it should be disregarded.

The youth and the people of the Volta region should please take note and not weigh into the misleading news. Your demonstrations are within the legal scope.

We encourage the demonstrators to not relent on their demonstration. They should continue demonstrating and nothing should deter them. We are strongly behind you and we are ready to provide any assistance for a peaceful demonstration against Oti region.

Thank you.

Seth Mifetu

(PLCWTL-USA and Canada coordinator).

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