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Read the Full Biography of Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win

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…Age, Life, Profile & Net Worth

▶Kwadwo Nkansah (born 1989) also known as Liwin, is a Ghanaian comedian and actor.
▶He is just Junior High School Graduate: He has always joked around that he is a product of Opoku Ware Senior High School but we can confirm that he completed Junior High School at Kenyasi Abrem in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
▶He won the “favourite actor” category at the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards.
▶He has Featured in over 700 Movies
Kwadwo Nkansah has featured in over 700 Kumawood movies since he started his movie career, he is one of the characters that most lovers of kumawood movies always wants to see and for that matter he is one of the actors that movie Directors always chase to feature in movies.
▶He is very Disciplined: He loves to joke around a lot of things but if you get close to him, you will realize he’s very disciplined and even some of his producers have attested to this. He’s also a strict Christian who doesn’t joke with church services aside all the “fooling”.
▶He is very down to earth : If you’ve ever come in contact with him, you will marvel at his coolness. He loves to flow with everybody, both young and old, rich and poor. The fame doesn’t get to his head and loves to socialize with anybody who gets close to him. He doesn’t carry himself around with the tag of being a famous person or celeb.
▶He is exceptionally funny: Obviously, many of you reading this will agree that Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin is funny. His facial expressions and actions will definitely make you laugh even if his words don’t.
▶100% Creative as we mentioned earlier, he’s very creative in such a way that, he’s able to come up with characters, fits in all roles and manages to give the movie the flavour that it requires with his own antics.
▶Ability to create jargons: If you’ve been watching most of his movies, you realize he’s able to come up with a lot of jargons in almost all his movies. Note that most of this jargons are not on script, he creates them himself.
▶He is so Dynamic: It was once said, most actors in Kumawood can’t act with those in Ghallywood. Kwadwo Nkansah is one of the actors who was able to prove many wrong.
He’s also able to play any role in any type of movie and still manage to make it funny, be it action, thriller, comedy, horror, voodoo, etc.
▶His Ability To Create Characters: If you’ve been following “Liwin”, you will realize he’s very creative with characters and you might say why don’t we give the credit to the producer of the movies or the script writer. In case you do not know, Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin actually comes up with his on characters on set. He creates the way the character will walk, talk, mimic etc. and also makes it funny.
If you’ve seen him in the movie as a Kung Fu Master, he created that character, as a limping old man, he created that character. This makes him different than the others couldn’t do this and at a point in time, became monotonous to the audience.

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