Rebuttal: Fictitious claims by NPP Group to save the face of George Nenyi Andah

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The leaders, Staunch Patriots of Awutu Senya West are not surprised with respect  to the statement issued by the so ‘faceless’ concerned Youth of Awutu Senya affirming their support for H.E. Nana Addo,President of republic State Of Ghana and Hon. George Nenyi Andah, MP Ewuty Senya West Constituency.
We the front runners of Patriots of Awutu Senya West challenge the fictitious and imagery reportage from the unidentifiable group and thereby request on all the media houses to come to Awutu Senya West to come and do thorough checks and  new appraisals to see if our MP, Hon. George Nenyi Andah has done the achievements stated in their press release. We stand for the truth and nothing but the truth.
We will like to state that we are not partisan,one sided or opinionated  group and we are not supported/influenced by any political party or any individual like their so called group which is anonymous, seemingly sponsored and predictably lead by NPP executives.
We reiterate that Hon. George Nenyi, MP for Awutu Senya West has disgraced us as a constituency by scoring 12% per the survey conducted by the political Science Department of University of Ghana. Very shameful and mortified.
We encourage other stakeholders to also come and do their survey to see if Patriots of Awutu Senya West are lying.
It is not true that Patriots of Awutu Senya West is unknown. It is rather their group that is not known. Their group leaders are known NPPs constituency executives and they issued their statement to cover the shame our MP has brought to us…
If nothing at all we know Patrick Brobbey who is Awutu Ward coordinator of NPP, Lewis Oti who is personal assistant to the DCE and he was appointed as deputy nadmo coordinator few weeks ago. We know Isaac Bruce, Felix Nenyi Abbiw Doughan, Richard  Asafuah Okine, Bernard Hammond, Mariam Benyarku, Leonard Impraim, Ellis Onomah who are all known branch executives and NPP activists.
We call on them to apologize to the good people of awutu Senya West for insulting our intelligence by gathering NPP activists to issue statement to act in pretence to deceive the innocent public.
We will like to state categorically that we dont have any group called Awutu Senya Concern Youth Association in this constituency. And even those who issued the statement are hired Branch executives ans activists. We advice that politicians must stop deceiving us.
We will again like to tell the public that our group didn’t conduct this research but rather it is an independent body which conducted it and the result reflected the actual performance of our MP, Hon. George Nenyi Andah.
This survey by the political Science Department of University of Ghana also showed that some MPs for constituencies in Awutu Senya East(Hon. Hawa Koomson) Effutu (Hon. Afenyo Markins) and Agona East Maame Pokuah Sawyerr  scored 86%, 90% and 62.63% respectively and we all see their good works and we are not surprised that they scored that high percentages.
We are not praying for doom for our constituency but the Hon. MP must sit up. As for the DCE, the least said about him the better. He takes delight in developing his personal things but has not even dug a bore hole since assumed office DCE.
Genesis 4:7 says if you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you refuse to do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires you, but you must master it.” If our MP sits up, Patriots of Awutu Senya West will issue statement to praise until then we shall criticize till we get good result
If you task your executives to write press release to praise you, Patriots of Awutu Senya West will expose you.
We should love our constituency and stop politicizing every issue…
We conclude that Hon George Nenyi Andah should save us by stepping down as MP for awutu Senya West for scoring 12% in the political Science Department of University of Ghana.
Humbly submitted.
Long live Ghana
Long live Awutu Senya West
Eric Darko
Kawiuyu Muhamm
024 373 0568
Dominic Appiah
Abigail Aidoo
(Financial Secretary)
Isaac Affum
055 483 5253
Esi Cole
Benjamin Coffie
Eric Appiah

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