Reckless Accusation comes with Potential Dangers – SLPP Youth League responds to Ghana’s Deputy Info Minister’s Election Rigging Allegations

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April 9, 2018 at 03:56

We do not believe that knowingly saying things or writing posts and articles that are of no compelling political or social value, things that cause political and social polarisation, things that cause diplomatic row, things that evoke hostility, or things that precipitate the killing or hurting of anyone is intent of freedom of speech guaranteed by constitutions of democratic nations. One would be in denial or naive to believe that in this age of globalisation facilitated by advances in communications technologies that we do not have those in the new global citizenry who would react aggressively to the extent of hurting or killing fellow human beings for what was said or done on the basis of freedom of speech or expression. This is the reason why we find that reckless post by Ghana’s Deputy Information Minister unfortunate and reckless. We are still healing wounds inflicted on us by the civil war, we are still mourning our beloved who lost their lives during the Ebola menace. We don’t need fire igniting pronouncements and articles. Is saying and posting things that humiliate and belittle others and their beliefs deserving of our encouragement as freedom of speech or expression? The ill-discipline of the Deputy Minister has brought the name of the Ghanaian President and his government into disrepute. We call on President Akufo-Addo to discipline his Minister because it is this kind of reckless and careless statements that invite war and send wrong signals about our continent. The unfortunate content of her post is malicious, insulting and mean to discredit a legitimately elected President as well as the SLPP by saying Mr John Mahama aided President Julius Maada Bio to rig our Presidential election.

We are not interested in Ghana’s internal politics and will never poke our nose into your internal matters. We the people of Sierra Leone, across the divide, respect Mr John Mahama for what he and the people of Ghana did for our nation during the Ebola crisis. We respect him highly that was why all the leaders of our parties, prior to our elections, invited him to mediate a peace talk in Freetown. If not for his swift response when some police officers stormed the SLPP Tally centre, Sierra Leone would have been in flames by this time. This is the first time a minister of a West African state has made such a reckless statement about a President of another sovereign state. We decided to ignore your accusation but the dangerous comments on social media forced us to issue this statement.

We like to use this medium to call on the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Mr Akufo-Addo to immediately ask his Minister to retrieve the statement and apologise to President Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP , and the people of Sierra Leone and desist from making further malicious statements in the future. Until this action is taken, we have written formally to President Julius Maada Bio, the Council of elders of the SLPP and party leaders advising the President not to attend any meeting, summit or conference on the same platform with the Ghanaian leader. We have taken this position because- the Minister speaks for the Mr Akufo-Addo’s Government and may be expressing the position of her government. The Youth wing of the SLPP will not allow our President to share same platform with a President who doesn’t respect the legitimacy of our President.


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