RecyclerApp owners to Represent Ghana at The 1776 Global Competition

RecyclerApp, an innovative waste and recycling management platform through the use of real time technologies and data analytics emerged as the winner of the 1776 Competition Cup in Ghana.

The event hosted by the Ispace Foundation of Ghana and organised by 1776 in partnership with Revolution is a global competition for the world’s most promising startups tackling complex and regulated challenges to share their vision on a global stage, engage with industry leaders, and win grand prize.

Among the finalist at Ispace today, the Founders of RecyclerApp were crowned winners of the competition and will be representing Ghana at the global stage in Washinton DC.

Some among the finalist who made it to pitching were Ghana Lost & Found, Compo Ghana, Tech Advocacy Network, Ajo Social, Tukwan, Program Adviser and Rain Labs.

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