Referendum on 6 New Regions: CODEO Deploys Observers

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The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) will observe the referendum on the creation of additional six (6) regions, which takes place tomorrow Thursday, December 27, 2018.

CODEO is deploying a total of fifty (50) observers to the various districts across the country within which the referendum exercise will take place. This is in line with CODEO’s objective of promoting electoral transparency, accountability and credibility towards peaceful outcomes.

On the day of the referendum, CODEO observers will visit various polling stations within their assigned districts, paying attention to key electoral processes such as the setting-up and opening of polls, verification and voting processes, close-of-polls and counting processes, as well as results collation. Observers will also focus on the conduct of election officials and other stakeholders including, security personnel and voters.

To help promote general peace and credibility of electoral outcomes, CODEO is calling on all stakeholders particularly, the Electoral Commission (EC), security agencies, traditional authorities, the media and various campaigners to play their relevant roles towards the success of the process. Specifically, CODEO calls on the EC to ensure all arrangements put in place for the exercise are adequate and ensure free, fair and credible election outcomes. CODEO also calls on the security agencies to ensure all voters exercise their right in a peaceful atmosphere. To traditional leaders and the various campaigners on the referendum question, CODEO urges calm
and the respect of individual rights and differences.

CODEO will subsequently share with the public, its observation findings on the exercise.


Albert Arhin,

National Coordinator, CODEO
Dated: Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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