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Reflections on the Core Agendum of the creation of New Regions.

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New Districts in already thriving Regions ~VRS~ the New Regions in struggling Regions in Ghana.”

As Ghanaians, have we carefully examined the political intelligence being exhibited by the current government?

Kwowing very well that Districts are _mandatory vehicles for development in Ghana,_ they allocated 1 million dollars each in their policy document for each district including the newly created ones.

The above simply means that there is a clear plan to empower some regions purported to be their very STRONG electoral regions such as Ashanti and Eastern who received 12 and 5 new districts respectively whereas Volta, Greater Accra and Western hardly saw new districts when the NPP assumed office.


The ball is in our court. Yes! Tell me, how will a new region gain economic expansion immediately except new districts are created again to measure up?

A careful look at our budget already with deficits will mean that there must be a substantial budget for service allocations to the newly created regions.

It will be best for Government to rethink its considerations to ensure that no temporary measure is rolled out for some opportunists to create, loot and share.

As responsible citizens, we must quickly get to the drawing board to champion acts per the legislative instruments available to us to engineer development without any complex of favouritism but based on the primary natural resources in the newly created regions.

#SDGs models 1 to 17 must be rolled out carefully to add value to the current trend of governance to meet #MDG 2030 at all cost without mincing words.

Another item to be considered is Climate change and the necessary structural allocation provided to facilitate any process should the need arise.

Inasmuch as most may have voted YES, new regions created under political circumstances reduces the effect of purpose and remains a misplaced priority looking at the current Economic constraints we are confronted with in the now as people.

Logic was defied when this referendum was set into motion prematurely though necessary to ensure EQUALITY per their REQUEST as it were; because most districts in the various regions are languishing and remained at the mercy of foreign aid and some high risk borrowing by the State.

As a nation, before attempting to make history out of uncertain events let us do an introspective analysis of thoughts by weighing possible advantages and disadvantages FIRST.

So many good initiatives have died at its implementation stage due to the excesses we have when it comes to nationalistic programs.

The long and short of my concern is that we must not cage our destinies by pushing for uncertainties in the guise of DEVELOPMENT.

It still remains that I have stated my opinion, you may have varied opinions as well but we all have CHOICES to that effect.

Time for reflections about our decisions and the impact hereafter.

Bismarck Kwesi DAVIS ®

Entrepreneurship coach – Procurement&SCM, Leadership facilitator, Global minded, Policy Analyst, Motivational speaker and Sports enthusiast-FCB.

29th December, 2018
07:30 Hrs.

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