Refund Fees taken from Applicants who will not Pass the Early Stages of Recruitment Process of the Ghana Immigration Service

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It is a shame how the government of the day has reduce governance to extortion and institutional robbery from the pocket of the ordinary Ghanaian whose only crime was believing in your so called message of hope and positive change.
The recent actions by some government institutions in this country amounts to nothing but befitting description as an organized scheme of extortion with impunity and shamelessness. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) in recent times are examples of government institutions who have received mass criticism from Ghanaians for some exercise which are perceived with the motive of extorting money from the ordinary and good citizens of this country in a mandatory manner.
The irresponsible claims by the government for not having any knowledge about the mandatory and outrageous fee for First aid kits at DVLA only goes to expose the incompetence and irresponsibility of the government and total failure at the Leadership front of the Country (The Presidency). Coming back to the substance of this piece, in principle and fairness, I believe you will agree with me, the government is either not committed to address the issue of unemployment but rather capitalize on it to extort money from the unemployed youth whom this government is expected to directly or indirectly provide jobs for, Or simply put the government do not care about the interest of the masses. It is often said that if you don’t give your in-law any gift upon your visitation to her home you don’t equally steal from her.
How on earth would GIS sell forms for about 84,000 applicants knowing very well they are going to recruit just 500 officers out of the 84,000. I find everything wrong with this and I hope the government will not come and deny their knowledge of this one too as they have always done in the previous cases. About 83,500 people at the end of the recruitment process are going to be disappointed, left hopeless and still unemployed with no consolation whiles the Government smile at the 4.2 million Ghana cedis they have made from these stranded youth and future leaders of this country, which unfortunately will end up in the pockets of some greedy and corrupt government officials.
This is the lesson this ill and unwell system is teaching us. On this note I will call on the Honorable and August House of Parliament and it entire leadership as the voice of the ordinary Ghanaian to do anything in their power to make the GIS refund fees for applicants who will not make it past the first two stages of the recruitment process as a form of consolation. Failure on the part of GIS and the Government to do so will leave me with no option than to meet them in court to let the court settle the matter.
But before I end, I would like to say again this is a shame on to the government and a mockery of the desperate unemployed youth of this country.
Kobby Walker
(A Concerned Ghanaian)

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