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Reminiscing the Stereotype on Zango, an Affirmation or Defamation? – Sirr Halim Writes

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The “Zango” explains the cosmopolitan nature of diverse tribes living in one locality. History confirms how migration served as the root cause of this residential pattern in Ghana. Understanding how the northern part of Nigeria like all other northern belts in Africa stand, helps in appreciating the ZANGO culture. Languages such as Hausa which is the predominant one in Zango gives the group an identifiable identity everywhere across the world. For most people, your Zango label becomes easy so long as you speak Hausa.

The Kotokolis, Zabarima, Yoruba, Mossi, Kusasi, etc equally form part of the tribes in the Zango fraternity. In order not to create boredom with any historical antecedents, I suppose the behavioral patterns, normative trends and cultural orientations in Zango differ. I pause and jitter to ask the following questions. Is the cultural diversity and orientation in Zango the reason for the stereotype of hooliganism? Is immorality and radicalism a sense of pride? Of what value is the stereotype to the development of Zongo? Is the recent action of the Zongo Youth in Ghana an affirmation or defamation of the stereotype?

I think the world itself knows all the lackadaisical attitudes and cantankerous behavior recorded in Zango is rather sinking the image of Zango to the brim. Zango communities have strong and vibrant Islamic ideals that preach peace, unity, sanctity, purity, chastity and obedience to the dictates of Allah. If indeed all that it takes to be godly is in Zongo, it becomes terrifying to continue to give basis for justifying the uncouth practices and acts in it. Politicians use Zango as a bait to catch their fish and dump you somewhere after their campaigns, rich people resort to Zango to recruit thugs for their diabolic operations and others regard Zango as a hub for condoning violence.

We can’t continue this way especially weighing the excesses in disadvantage far outnumber the benefits. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It will take you and I to diffuse and refuse this culture of disdain or impunity. Concentration should be on education and helping to alter the situation in status quo. With the recitation of the Holy Quran, our thoughts and intelligent quotient smiles with hope for a better future for Zongo.

In one of the Preaching archives of the Dr. Zakir Naik, he postulated that the only way to be a moving warrior and hero is to fight for the course of Islam and help strengthen its foundations in areas it is deemed impossible. ZANGO is one of the areas among others we can direct our vigor to in effect. Zango isn’t what we want others to belief it is.

Attitudinal change, moral upliftments, demystification of the existing challenge and readiness to resist from the old norm and name to a new one.

I am a Zango boy, I am a total change and ready to change others from the stereotype. Let’s achieve this feat together today and forever.


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