Reply to Manasseh Azure’s Sycophantic praise of Rebecca Akufo-Addo

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Greetings from Binduri Senior Manasseh,

The chameleon cannot change its colour in the same environment irrespective of how much it tries unless the environment changes. I have read with staggering head your excessively sycophantic eulogy of the first lady, Rebecca Akuffo Addo and her husband after the inauguration of the Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

I am sure the recent criticisms of your hypocrisy which compelled you to lamely criticize Akuffo Addo has ruffled some feather who jumped on your neck. Therefore you have to return to please them as usual by beginning Akuffo Addo’s 2020 campaign early. You cannot break the terms of the contract so soon! At this rate you are a proactive campaign manager.

Manasseh, let me ask you. Have you been in this country in the past five years? If you are then I will say your vociferous praise for Rebecca and her husband is mischievous; it is aimed at denigrating someone unduly? Indeed I congratulate Rebecca Akuffo Addo for soliciting for funds from corporate bodies to complete the mother and baby unit.

However something is strangely fishy about your praise. You failed to acknowledge the entities whose benevolence made it possible. You were so eager to call on Ghanaians to vote for Akuffo Addo in 2020 again that you did not realize the corrupt government left an ultra-modern state of the art medical facility at the University of Ghana to rot because it claimed it cannot secure a loan of $6million to get it operational. That it wanted to pack its hooligans in that facility as employees hence the mindless neglect.The first lady was able to secure almost twice that amount to complete the MBU in a year. That shows the first lady and second lady are working harder than their husbands but surprisingly only the husbands are suffering from fatigue and stress. How interesting! Intriguing, isn’t it?

Mr. Bongo champion, you see campaigning on the completion of a project is not as that important as you want us to believe. Just that one project! You have shown your hypocrisy by your misplaced eulogy. I don’t know which position you will contest in NPP but rest assured that Rebecca Akuffo Addo’s MBU project cannot bring votes for your beloved NPP. This is because that project is not food for Ghanaians to eat according to your own and NPP’s standards. If it were, I am not sure you will ever campaign against John Mahama. Because NPP has not matched even 1% of Mahama’s achievement in that respect. All of a sudden you demonize 600 beds hospital and praise 10 rooms refurbished ward? Subahammdilai, Witchcraft is indeed real and all I can say in your situation is ‘The Battle is the Lords.

Manasseh since you refused to see all these I need to educate you. When it actually comes to healthcare, the Lordina Foundation affected more health institutions with the supply of critical equipment through their partnership with Medshare USA. Ultra sound scans, ECG machines, sphygs, ultra-modern electric hospital beds. Many of these equipment are still in use today and saving lives. Rebecca Akuffo Addo whom you are exorbitantly extolling is actually copying the footsteps of her predecessor, Lordina Mahama. Some of the achievements of Lordina which you mischievously turned a blind eye to; which by your prescriptions should rather see you campaign for the NDC to return to power in 2020 ceteris paribus are as follows:

Lordina equipped more hospitals in the Keta and Brong Ahafo areas than Becky and Samira are doing now right but no one made such a stink about it. She brought in more than 4 containers of medical supplies and paid approximately $100, 000.00 for them sponsored by Newmont GH Ltd. Each container is valued at $15, 000.00. Strangely, Samira got 2 containers from the same place Lordina got her supplies, at a higher price of $25,000.00 each. That tells you an inflation of $10,000.00 each took place. Manasseh that is the dishonesty you are exalting. Will you agree these women are in business just like their Husbands? Like Husbands like wives!

The Lordina Foundation’s medical outreaches in collaboration with Ghana AIDS Commission and UT Foundation especially among sex workers and adolescents saved the lives of many women from HIV/AIDS and breast and cervical cancers. Maybe it is the vacuum created since Mrs. Mahama left that has seen a recent resurgence of new HIV infections with an increase of 80% since last year.

On 9th March 2016 she became the first sitting first lady to visit a prison; Nsawam prisons to officially support the prisons via Project ‘Effiase’. She donated medical equipment, assorted pharmaceuticals and food items worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to the prison. You can ask your colleague Seth Kwame Boateng to educate you more on this.

The La General Hospital was challenged with maternal deaths, still births and early born deaths. The Hospital has a catchment population of 220,000 and conducted over 5000 deliveries in 2016. To help address the challenge, Mrs. Lordina Mahama through her foundation and Siemens Ghana donated an ultra-modern sound scanner to the facility; Acuson X150 precisely on August 19th 2016. It’s capable of doing obstetrics, vascular, cerebrovascular, abdominal, urology and musculoskeletal examinations.

On 19th July, 2016 at Kukuom and Sankore both in the Brong Ahafo region she presented large quantities of medical supplies and equipment, gas cookers, to the health centre, laptops to SHS and sewing machines to dress makers. 58 communities benefited from that program as of the said date.

In the Eastern region she donated hospital beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, breathing circuits and consumables to Asamankese Government Hospital on October, 17th 2016

3rd March, 2016
She donated medical equipment and supplies to the Nadowli-Kaleo, Wa and Gwollu district hospitals. On this same day the visiting Turkish First Lady, Emine Erdogan, commended her Ghanaian counterpart for the numerous philanthropic activities being undertaken to help make life better for the underprivileged in society. Even foreigners are seeing her contributions but Mannasseh cannot. Lol Lol Lol, the devil that will lash you is still warming up.

July, 2016
She donated assorted equipment and medical supplies to the Bolgatanga Hospital worth thousands of Ghana Cedis.

31st July, 2016
She presented medical supplies and equipment to the War Memorial Hospital in Navrongo, precisely plastic adhesives, syringes, theatre masks, gloves, electrical orthopaedic beds, plastic bandages and urological products. As we speak there is complete shortage of syringes in the region.

14th July, 2016
She presented medical supplies and equipment to government hospitals in Hwidiem, Kenyasi, Mim, Kukuom and Sankore in the Brong Ahafo Region.

20th July, 2016
Donated cartons of wheelchairs, carts, and albino cream, walking sticks and white canes to persons living with disabilities in the western region.

30th October, 2016
Donated assorted equipment and medical supplies to the Nsuaem Health Centre in the Western region. The items included hand gloves, syringes, bandages, mask, tubing, gowns, cold packs, adapters and mattresses.

21st September, 2015
She donated medical equipment to the Asante Mampong district hospital in Ashanti region worth thousands of Ghana Cedis. The items included surgery sets, breathing tubes, anaesthetic accessories, wheelchairs, beds, mattresses and nurses’ cabinets among others.

22nd September, 2015
She donated assorted medical supplies and equipment to the Manso -Nkwanta Health Center, St. Patrick Hospital, Ejura, Ejisu and Juaso Government Hospitals, St. Martins Hospital and Achiase Health Centres all in the Ashanti region.

24th August, 2014
She donated medical supplies to Kpedze, Aflao, Keta and Sogakope district hospitals all in the Volta region.

6th November, 2016 she donated to the children of Esanns Schools and Orphanage in Bawjiase in the central region.

9th August, 2016
She presented assorted working tools to beauticians, tailors, and barbers associations in the Northern region to enable them establish their own businesses and contribute meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of the country. She made similarly donations to Gonjaland Youths in Sawla.

16th February, 2011
She donated assorted items worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to the Golden Jubilee Health Centre at Mankessim in the Mfantseman Municipality in the Central Region.
Each of the 10 regions received assorted medical supplies and equipment worth thousands of Ghana Cedis from her foundation.
Apart from the medical outreach, she donated food and non-food items and an undisclosed amount of money to 7 orphanage homes in the country namely, Tamale Children Home, Let Kids Smile At Nkoranza, Frank May and Bethesda Homes at Techie in the Brong Ahafo region, as well as Osu Children Home and Christ Faith Foster Children Home in greater Accra region. The items included bags of rice, sugar, cartons of milk, toiletries and laptops. She has always donated to Muslims during festivals and orphanages during Christmas festivals.

On 17th March, 2016, she donated assorted medical supplies and equipment to the Banda District Hospital. Summarily, over 44 Health Facilities received donation of assorted medical supplies and equipment from Mrs. Lordina Mahama’s Foundation, the Benevolent Iron Lady you demonized as ‘The Lord of Madina’

Matilda Amissah Arthur was also active in similar fields including providing chalk for that famous school in the East Akim Municipality where an incompetent headmistress decided to embarrass her. Hon Kofi Buah’s wife sponsors 100 children in education every year for the past 5 years and doesn’t make noise about it right? You don’t know my brother!
This is what true women of God do for the underprivileged without trumpeting it. In fact doesn’t the Bible preach that?

Rebecca Akufo is reported to be signing loans on behalf of government of Ghana and that’s unacceptable. In what capacity will she contract loans for Ghanaians to pay? You didn’t find out this about her so as to include it in your eulogy? I don’t blame you. Let us get more of your sycophancy and get to know you more.

You also said the president achieved his flagship programs in one year. The Free SHS you talked about is an albatross on our necks if you know nothing about economics Mr. Multimedia champion. Are you aware the second and third year SHS students whom the promise was made to are not enjoying the so-called Free SHS? Are you aware those students have their bills increased this term ostensibly to pay for the first years whom the government cannot adequately cater for? Do you hear at least how our children are being fed very poor diets all in the name of this sycophancy for a careless president? Have you also heard how the students are getting pregnant because they stay alone without supervision as there isn’t enough space to contain them in the dormitories? Do you also know that many students qualified for placement but were denied admission because government controlled the number of admissions intake to cut down cost?

Manasseh don’t draw our anger anymore. We are matured enough to determine the level of corruption in this family and friends monarchy that bloated stomach journalists like you have been gagged not to criticize. Once you see no evil, you will not talk evil. I don’t know your religious faith but try as much as possible to call a spade a spade. Ask this one question of yourself: ‘How is a whole Akuffo Addo government not able to raise $6million to get a completed 600-bed health facility operational but his wife was able to mobilize $10million dollars to complete an uncompleted building? Am waiting for your answer.

Because you claimed we should vote for Akuffo Addo again I want to ask you whether the wanton corruption taking place under Nana Akuffo Addo is good enough to warrant that call. You were sponsored by the same Akuffo Addo to travel to Burkina Faso to interview Kanazoe about a Ford gift which is given to the state. But you have buckled when Akuffo Addo told you the Jospong group you investigated is not corrupt but rather it is one of those things when you are at the forefront of doing things.

You have alleged the same Akuffo Addo has reprimanded the Energy Minister for trying to investigate the stinky BOST contaminated oil saga. The president scuttled that investigation yet you praise him? I thought you have seen how seriously corrupt the seat of government has become so that no sensible journalist will be calling for such a corrupt monarch who appointed a whole national government from his tribe alone to be retained.

Manasseh how come up to now you are not able to fish out who are the big fishes behind the 249 cases of premix fuel? Was your outboard motor filled to the brim from it? Or you have a landing beach that benefitted from it. You don’t see evil I know but sometimes you cannot refuse to see. The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development appointed her brother to the National Premix Committee as administrator and he managed to pull off this great scandal. His accomplices are big tunas and salmonds in government in Ghana but you have not seen them yet.

Manasseh have you tried sitting by Akuffo Addo these days? How much do you pay to get near him? I understand it is so expensive. Access is gained by paying thousands of dollars. The same you will dole out to get to meet him at the monument of corruption. You have not heard I know. Did you hear this about Mahama during his presidency? Hmmmm!

Eheeeh, recently your station, Joy FM, conducted a poll where over 92% of Ghanaians say Akuffo Addo is very corrupt. Do you dispute your own house? Do you have a different view? Have you conducted your own one man survey? What is the result? You see why folks like you will be exposed? The people who will vote have seen and felt the corruption of your saint. Can you convince them they are wrong?

Sir, as a serious journalist you have become aware of the menacing insecurity in the country. I bet you yourself may not want to sleep with your eyes close because even the police are killed in their hideouts. All these under a man who claimed he will ensure peace and security. Have you seen how NPP thugs are arrogantly wielding guns at every opportunity in the country? Just ask yourself who bought the guns for them and whether they were not prepared for all die be die? Ghanaians are dying like dogs every day, Akuffo Addo’s militia are rampaging everywhere with impunity. The National Police Force has become toothless. Is it not sad? But you don’t see!

Azure, young men fear elders but in this globalization age, knowledge is not limited to any one person anymore. We hear, see and read all the time. Don’t be deceived that your shenanigans will compel anyone to be fooled by them again. Today Ghanaians are expressing regret over mistakenly voting for gangsters to come to government.

We regretted believing fuel prices will be reduced only to get astronomical increments every month; we regretted believing in unplanned free SHS only to have our children suffering under it; we regret trusting Akuffo Addo to run a lean government only to see him pack all his mafia into our ministries; we regret voting for Jobs only to be made jobless; we regret for people who say they will put money in our pockets but who ended up drawing from us; we regretted voting for moderation only to be shown stupid opulence.

Never are we going to make that mistake again. If stones have been packed in your mouth, please use your hard teeth to break them and talk properly. Your call for us to vote for these thieves again is an insult to us. We are not bequeathed to the squalor they are putting us through. Don’t dare that nonsense again my brother.

Finally let me warn you. The elephant does not care about friendship. Have you heard of Alhaji Aliu Mahama, Hawa Yakubu and Ibrahim Adams? Even Major Maxwell Mahama was conspired against and killed. Do you know what is wrong with the Bawuliar now? Do you know what has become of Paul Afoko? I will not speak much. Just identify those people and advise yourself. You are an ant compared to them. A word to Manasseh is also to Azure!

Till I hear from you,

Assibid Dauda
The Binduri youth Activist

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