ROPAL Is Good but let’s not Embarrass Ourselves – Prof Gyampo Cautions

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The idea behind ROPAL is laudable and very democratic in as much as it deepens the quality of representation among the citizenry.

But have we perfected our national elections? I was thinking we were going to delay a little more to reform and improve our electoral processes at the national level first.

The successful conduct of the 2016 elections wasn’t as a result of the implementation of electoral reforms. It was simply as a result of vigilance and some “divine political miracle”. Any nation that depends only on vigilance and political miracle in securing its electoral peace would continue to sit on a time bomb.

Less than five percent of the proposals for electoral reforms were implemented. Why don’t we implement the rest now and finetune our electoral processes at the national level first?.

ROPAL is good but let’s not embarrass ourselves by exporting the huge problems of our electoral processes. The very unresolved problems with our electoral processes would not simply vanish because the elections would be held among Ghanaians abroad.

I hope elite consensus on this is secured so we can protect our peace as a nation. This isn’t the time for political apparatchiks to think about who is likely to benefit from votes abroad.

It’s about safeguarding our peace and not exporting our national electoral shame and challenges. So, politicians, when they call IPAC Meeting on this, kindly be mindful of the national interest in your deliberations.

ROPAL is good, but let’s deal with the challenges of our national elections and try to improve upon the electoral processes a little more, first.

Yaw Gyampo Prabiw,

A31 PAV Ansah Street


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