RTI: It is Time for your MP to work for you

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Latest developments in Ghana shows that our politicians are not ready to do the work that we have entrusted to them, and for which we use the tax payers money to pay them and ensure that they live a life far better than what a lot of us dream about.

If it took just a day for all the street lights on the Adenta-Madina road to be fixed due to public outcry on the menace on that road, then this clearly shows that our politicians know exactly what to do but are refusing to.

For decades now, CSOs and many well meaning Ghanaians, have been advocating for the passage of the Right To Information (RTI) Bill into law. RTI is described as a People’s Law because it gives the ordinary citizen the power to demand transparency and accountability from people in authority that are paid with the tax payer’s money and are expected to work for or provide services to the citizenry.

Access to information is a basic human right, yet Ghanaians are forced to beg the people that they voted into office to seek their interest to do so.

Since the consideration of the RTI started when this Seventh Parliament resumed from the recess, the House has NEVER had a quorum to work on this bill. It is appalling to see MPs walk out of the Chamber when it get to the consideration of the RTI. Yet these same MPs will talk about quorum.

The lackadaisical attitude being put up by Members of Parliament to this bill is heartbreaking and not worthy of the trust and mandate we have entrusted to them.
The question now is whether we (the citizenry) work for the MPs or it is rather the MPs that work for us.

It is about time Your MP Work for You.
It is about time YOU demand accountability from YOUR MP.

It is the responsibility of your MP to tell you what decisions he/she is taking on YOUR behalf in parliament. The MP is not in parliament to seek his/her personal interest or agenda. He is there to represent YOU. This makes your MP your MESSENGER to parliament. He/she is there to deliver YOUR MESSAGE (representation), make laws that YOU want (legislation) and ensure that the President (Executive body) performs well and limit their excesses (oversight).
So ask yourself how many times YOUR MESSENGER comes back to report to you on the work he/she is doing on YOUR BEHALF?

From the above, it is crystal clear that many, if not all, of our MPs are NOT doing what we voted and are paying them to do.

If access to information is YOUR RIGHT, if your MP is to REPRESENT YOUR INTEREST, then it is YOUR RIGHT to call your MP now and demand the passage of the RTI.

The time to ACT is NOW.



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