Run Man Run, Santana Is In Town!

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As kids in the 70s, one of the passions that we enjoyed was watching Western Cowboys films. These films were shown only in the large traditional film theatres, because video technology had then not been developed. Even if developed, the use had not become pervasive.

And one of the series we enjoyed most was the Santana series. I can remember very well “A Coffin for Santana” and “Run, Man Run, Santana Is In Town” among others.

Sergio Sollima directed “Run, Man, Run, Santana Is In Town”, and according to him, it is the most politic, the most revolutionary and even anarchic among his movies.

Manuel “Cuchillo” Sanchez was Santana, whose character was to ensure justice wherever he found himself. So, wherever he appeared the bad guys had to take to their heels.

Long before he took the reins of power the bad guys had been apprehensive of a rule by Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, so they had to go to any length to vilify and discredit him in order to prevent him from assuming power.

But the truth is that, this universe has been created and is being controlled and regulated by an intelligent Being. An underlining feature of this universe is law and order, so luck and chance is simply a viewpoint of an ignoramus: cause and effect is relentlessly at play.

Today, Santana is in town and the indications are clear that the bad guys are in trouble….real trouble! Lovers of this nation, however, are happy that sanity is going to be restored, following a regime of no control where the public purse was a victim of pillaging, and even the environment subjected to severe and untold degradation.

The elusive, almighty Chinese galamsey lady, Aisha, whose business acumen included exploiting the libido of men in authority and holding them to ransom, has at long last been caged. Yes Santana is really in town.

I am still at a loss at how Aisha has been able to use her c…..t and that of her Chinese girls to wire into submission these men of ours who are supposed to be the gatekeepers of some of our most sensitive institutions.

I thought, we Ghanaian men cherished and were stricken by the well-rounded and endowed backsides of our large-breasted, big, beautiful women. I never knew that we could easily succumb to the flat chest, bony pelvic and unattractive,

“newspaper-flat” backsides of these Chinese women. But that was what happened. Stupidity and indiscipline led us into doing things that we would normally have not done.

Santana is really in town. Ibrahim Mahama, the self-acclaimed Ghanaian multimillionaire brother of ex-President Mahama, who thought this country, at a time, was at his feet and for that matter could present dud cheques of as many as 44 in payment for duty charges on heavy duty equipment he had imported into this country, finally came to his senses.

He had to settle in real terms what he owed this country. But I know that, that guy has more questions to answer. This is because he had not acted in a manner that is befitting of a younger brother of ex-President Mahama. This kind of recklessness is indicative of our values. How much money do we want at a go, especially when that will not bring us peace of mind, but shame?

In his stupidity, he also pocketed his workers’ contributions to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) fund, and the trust is on his heels.

Nana is really in town. I hear over 26,000 ghost names have been expunged from the nation’s payroll, saving the nation GHC433million yearly. And I know, there are more of such unpatriotic activities that will soon be exposed.

Already some members of the past government have visited the EOCO to answer for some of their nation-wrecking deeds, and more are lined up for this exercise. Nana has indicated that he meant business; he is ensuring that his oversight responsibilities include that of handling issues concerning his party members.

He was present at the party’s meeting on the fracas between Otiko Afisa Djaba, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Daniel Bugri Naabu, Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP.

There he disclosed that legislation will be introduced in Parliament, when it reconvenes, to set up the office of the Special Prosecutor as a foremost institution in the fight against corruption. Yes, Nana is really in town….and we want to be with him. Come and join us if you love Ghana, but if you don’t, then know that you are in trouble.

Source: Seidi Bansah || MNO

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