Sale of Cemetery lands at Kpone brews Tension

Tension is mounting in Kpone in the Kpone Katamanso Constituency over the alleged indiscriminate sale of cemetery lands belonging to the people.

According to a group calling itself, Indigenous youth of Kpone, it is wrong for anyone to sell the town cemetery land to investors.

The youth claim, they will hit the streets to demonstrate should authorities at the traditional council fail to explain the rational behind the indiscriminate sale of cemetery lands to them and also put a hold on any intended development at the site.

“We are law abiding citizens and we shall seek clearance from the Police and ensure we hit the streets to express our displeasure over the unfortunate stinky sale of our cemetery lands and also ensure our petition is heard. The Kpone cemetery is all we have left for our loved ones who passes on to eternity, so why should someone sell it off to the highest bidder,” the spokesperson for the group, Obu Ablade stated, adding that several fence walls are being put up on the community cemetery lands indiscriminately of which authorities have failed to communicate the rationale behind it to them.

He said a check at the District Assembly has shown that those developing on the cemetery lands have not been issued any permit for construction.

Mr Ablade has however sent a stern warning to the developers to stay off the cemetery land or incur the wrath of the community.

“We are sending a strong signal to those developing on our cemetery land to stay off or incur the wrath of the people of Kpone. Everybody is unhappy with the development at the site and we urge the developer to fold up. We want peace and so we plead with the developer to stay off our cemetery land to avoid our trouble”

Two years ago, the youth of Kpone in their hundreds stormed the Kpone cemetery to pull down a similar wall which was being developed by an investor who claimed the place has been sold to him. But the youth resisted and organized themselves in their numbers to the cemetery to pull down the wall.

However, check at the District Assembly indicates that no permit has been issued out to any investor to build a wall.

Source: Prosper Agbenyega

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