‘Save Ghana Now Movement’ joins GFPF for Big Demo on March 28

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The Save Ghana Now Movement (SGN) is unhappy and alarmed at the entrenched position of the NPP government to sell the sovereignty of our beloved country by entering into agreement to allow the United States of America (USA) government establish a military-base in Ghana.

We can not afford to see our dear nation enter into agreement with the United States of America, especially when the terms of this agreement seems unclear to representatives of the country which has been manifested by the inconsistencies in the justification given by the Defense minister.

Cabinet’s approval of this agreement, meant already the government is bent on entering into such agreement and from the majority’s posture in Parliament it was clear nothing was going to stop them from passing and accepting it, having done so to other sensitive bills brought before the 7th Parliament.

As a group that represents the voice of the majority of Ghanaians, we add our voices to that of other groups like Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF) to condemn the act by the majority in Parliament and we further call on all Ghanaians to stand up and fight for what money did not buy us and so should not be sold for any amount and that is our sovereignty.

It is unimaginable for Ghana to enter such an agreement when countries around Ghana are busy counting their loses after entering into similar agreement with the united States.

As a wake up call, we call on all Ghanaians to join us fight for our priceless sovereignty as a country.

We therefore join the non-partisan peaceful demonstration by the GFPF to protest against this agreement and demand that the leadership of this country play a positive role to save this country for posterity by taking Ghana out of this agreement with immediate effect.

Ghana can not be a conduit through which the USA and Donald Trump will push their America First agenda. Just as he (Donald Trump) loves his America, we also love our “shithole” Ghana and we intend not to enter such an ungodly agreement with the USA.

Together let us rise and Save Ghana Now!

Arise Ghana Youth for our country, your nation demands our devotion.

Let us all unite to uphold her and make her great and strong.

Date: Wednesday 28th March 2018.
Venue: Obra spot. Circle. Accra.
Time: 6:00 am prompt.

*Umar Faruk Mohammed*

*Narh Korley Jones*

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