School of Performing Arts shows the way in real African arts and culture through films

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Students of the Theatre Arts Department of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, now have a greater prospect of pursuing successful film making careers with the organisation of the second edition of the Radio, Television, Video and Film (RTVF) students short film screenings in Accra.

Organiser of the screenings and a Lecturer at the Theatre Arts Department of the school, Odolina Roussinov expressed confidence that students who pursue the RTVF course will have their talents in film making elevated to professional levels with their participation in the screenings.

She said the event is not just to expose the fine film projects undertaken by the students but it also offers the public the opportunity to appreciate African stories and culture told through films.

Two students whose short films were screened, Daniel Apalayine Junior and Marcia Abdul-Korah, spoke to GBC’s Jonathan Thompson their projects and what it means to their careers.

Miss Marcia Abdul-Korah’s short film titled “Thirty-One” is a family drama that talks about the happenings in marriages and family life.

It talks about a man whose wife is dying of a cancerous disease without his knowledge and also has other thematic areas surrounding families in the African setting.

“I wanted to paint the perfect picture of the typical African family and issues in there that we normally overlook as a people. I am so happy for this opportunity and this screening has confirmed the desire I have to be a film maker in the near future” Abdul-Korah said.

Daniel Apalayine Jnr’s film, titled “The Mob”, talks about the relationship between a Doctor and a young boy which was misconstrued by the people of the community as a gay relationship. This suspicion eventually ends up in the people attacking and lynching the doctor.

“I wanted to use this movie to explore the phenomenon of mob action in this country and its implication to society and individuals who participate in it” said the young and elated Apalayine Jnr.

This year’s event, held at the Efua T. Sutherland Studio at the University, saw the public screenings of short films by 12 students. The event attracted a large crowd of students from the university, the media, lecturers and the general public.

Source: Jonathan Thompson || gbconline

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