Science Lab in jeopardy as Gas Station scares Odorgono SHS

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The Head Mistress of Odorgono Senior High School (Great OSSAH), Dr. Mrs. Shine Ofori, has lamented that for the fear of Gas explosion the school has been denied an opportunity to own a new science laboratory.

The school’s current science lab is housed in a structure that can only be described as “death trap” forcing the school to always move the equipment to and fro the classroom to allow for regular practical in science.

According to Dr. Mrs. Shine Ofori, CUMMINS Corporate Ghana, a US and South Africa based institution promised to demolish the dangerous old structure and construct a new one but they are holding on due to the closeness of a Gas Filling Station, Arcadian Gas (aka Odorgono Gas) directly behind the science lab.

The Head Mistress, in an interview with said the company changed its mind following the recent fire outbreaks recorded from some Gas/fuel stations across the country.

She was speaking on the sidelines of this year’s celebration of World Science Day, organized by the Ghana United Nations Association on the theme, “Peace and Development” in Accra. It was celebrated at Odorgono Senior High School.

“…students must start proper and regular science practicals immediately they step in the classroom as first year students, so as to prepare them well in their science subjects; but doing practicals only when they are in their final year, ie. form three (3) is not proper,” she lamented.

She also told this Reporter that since she stepped in the school some two years ago, her outfit has written to Education Ministry, Ga Central Municipal Assembly and other concern authorities about the condition of the school’s science lab but there has been no response as at yet.

She said when they wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), now under the Ministry of Environment for them to take action and relocate the Gas station, the EPA rather granted the Gas station another three years permit. This, she bemoaned has disappointed her and the entire school.

Dr. Mrs. Shine Ofori said if CUMMINS Corporate Ghana had constructed the promised 4 science lab blocks – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science, the over 800 students reading science subjects would have been wonderful; “…but you do not have science lab to take the students through, and this would adversely affect their performance”.

Secretary General of the Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA), Mr. Chris Pardie, said science plays significant role in every human endeavor – in the area of various medicines; agriculture; for industrial purposes amongst many others, but it also has its bad side.

GUNA also celebrated the young SHS female students who by virtue of science used urine with some other additives to power a generator to produce electricity for 7 hours. To this end, the Secretary General, urged the students to take their studies seriously.

He said science is the backbone of development of every country, so any country that relegate science and technology to the background, is risking the well being of that country. Mr. Pardie hinted of a research findings that indicated that countries that rode on the back of science develop beyond human imagination.

GUNA Youth Affairs National Secretary, Comrade Sammy Ojo Bamidele, in an interview opined that it is time governments in Africa think about the youth of their countries, because they are billed to take-over the leadership of their countries one day, hence, the need for them to be well educated to enable them run the affairs of their various countries well.

Source: Delali A. Awuyeh



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