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The Government after accepting the recommendations of the New Region’s commission to go on with the proposal and petitions from certain chiefs to consider creating new regions from the existing capitals most of them are already small in size and less in population size and figures a situation that requires infrastructure development than dividing them further in much smaller units that will lead to much spending than income.

Though the government is yet to fund and resource the already embattled Electoral Commission to set the road map for the Referendum on the fate of the possibilities of the populate will for the subject project or the otherwise. Based on our research on the new regions it is not a priority and will like to use this medium to lobby the residents of those regions to vote against the proposition and petitions from the chiefs who we are sure are seeking personal interest and gains than the development of the Regions in question.

We already anticipate a very low voter turnout due to the citizens disinterest in what some traditional chiefs are trying to push on them against their will, and we will urge the residents in the subject regions to turnout in their numbers to vote against the proposition to create new regions, since the very few who will turnout are likely to vote for the proposition and petition to create new regions.

We as a group intended to organize fora in the regions to educate the residents on the new regions and let them know their civil right to disapprove a government programme that will not inure to their benefits and insist on value for their votes, mandate and resources.

We shall activate our mission to use research, advocacy and lobbying to ensure the development of our country is always done to appease the larger public interest devoid of any partisan consideration and allegiance.

The Electoral commission should be reminded of his independence and duty to organize free and fair Referendum without any malicious manipulation to ensure the true will of the people prevail in this coming Referendum, if and only if there will be the fund and the time for the said coming referendum.

Yours faithfully
Felix Djan Foh
President. Piran-gh’

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