This is Shatta Wale’s daughter at 10 years

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Today we are here with a few adorable pictures of Ghanaian numerous awards winning dancehall artist, Shatta Wale’s daughter. Got surprised by the term Shatta Wale’s daughter? It’s valid because we have always seen pictures of his beloved son named Majesty but never heard about his daughter. However, Wale has a beautiful daughter, Shatta Cherissa who has recently turned 10. No doubt, the dancehall artist is an amazing dad and Cherissa is lucky to have such a talented dad.

The ‘Me Need No awards’ hitmaker took to the social media and posted a couple of pictures of his adorable daughter on her 10th birthday on July 1st. They also celebrated Cherissa’s birthday on the same day.

Following are a few pictures of Shatta Cherissa which definitely prove that she is a born model.

Source: ghanalive

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